Best Moving Companies in Alaska - Reviews

Alaska based moving company:

Proud American Vanlines

based on 167 reviews

Address: 6278 N. Federal Hwy Ste. 316, Fort Lauderdale FL, 33308 0
State: Florida
Proud American Van lines has excellent communication skills, which I find essential. We were kept informed through email with all the relevant information, i.e., the van driver's name and his contact Read more

Alaska based moving company:

Medal of Honor Moving Group

based on 151 reviews

Alaska based moving company:

Direct Relocation Services LLC

based on 120 reviews

Address: 4598 N Hiatus Rd, Sunrise, Fort Lauderdale FL, 33351 0
State: Florida
From the initial video survey right through to collecting boxes after our move day, Direct Relocation Services LLC was first class. The moving team was brilliant, professional, polite and cheerful and Read more

Alaska based moving company:

Road Runner Moving and Storage

based on 98 reviews

Address: 150 NW 176th St, bay F, Miami, FL 33169
We were doing a move with a lot of antique and expensive items. The movers worked hard and were careful for the most part, but I think the move should have been split between two days. By the time the Read more

Alaska based moving company:

Atlantic Group USA LLC

based on 40 reviews

Address: 1947 NE 149th Str North, Miami FL, 33181 0
State: Florida
Awesome company and people. We had so much stuff, more than my online guess. The two who did the packing hustled all day and took great care of our stuff. The next morning, two others came to do the m Read more

Alaska based moving company:

Levic Van Lines

based on 40 reviews

I can't even give them 1 star, I am afraid I wont get my belonings! I scheduled a move from san Diego to Arizona. I didn't have too much to move. I was quoted at 1650. Frank the sales rep was very att Read more

Alaska based moving company:

Nationwide Moving Services Inc

based on 31 reviews

Address: 1615 S Congress Ave #103, Delray Beach FL, 33445 0
State: Florida
I would even call this company a total scam as they don’t do anything in your moving and take no responsibility. They just give you calls in the beginning to collect advance and then someone else wi Read more

Alaska based moving company:

Countrywide Van Lines

based on 36 reviews

Address: 250 Pehle Ave Suite 200, Saddle Brook NJ, 07663 0
State: New Jersey
They claim to be interested in your company, but then outsource the job to really inept moving companies. They added an extra $1,000 with no reason. When one obese woman in a truck arrived (who profes Read more

Alaska based moving company:

Beacon Moving and Storage

based on 25 reviews

Address: 936 Kings Highway, Brooklyn NY, 11223 0
State: New York
I strongly urge anyone trying to use beacon moving and storage company to stay away. From Day one all they cared about was the deposit to book our moving. At the time of pick up my items were mishandl Read more

Alaska based moving company:

Royal Alaskan Movers

based on 1 reviews

Address: 2216 N. Post Road, Anchorage AK, 99501 0
State: Alaska
States of operation: Alaska
Nio and Victor were able to go on time. Given my slow planning and my incredibly messy flat, they did not have concerns and professionalism, and they seemed genuinely concerned about my experience and Read more

Best Alaska Moving Companies

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  • No State Income Tax or Sales Tax in Alaska
  • Enjoy 24/7 Sunshine In The Summer
  • Life Is One Big Adventure In Alaska

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