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Address: 1314 W River Rd, Margate, Pompano Beach FL, 33063
State: Florida

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$ 3437
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11% more than market avg.

Gregory powers
Interstate move
from Houston, Texas to South ogden, Utah


This comoany is a rip off a comolete scam. Please do lose your money with this company. This comoany is not a moving cimpany they are a broker they will oromise you a fee but when the actual moving company arrive you will be forced to pay their fee fir the actual move. Corey is a master deceiver he will rush your signature and after you will never hear from him again nikki will lie and make you feel luke shes giving you discounts only to coerce you into signing yourself into a trap. Please dont end up like me with thousands in loses only to write a review hoping others woukd heed your word. Please note guardian moving inc or group are not movers they are brokers designed to steal your money the deposit they claim will go in escrow is a scam they will use every method possible to keep any money you invest please be careful with this company. If you need a real durect no thurd party moving company please feel free to call me at 8327959904 professional prompt and easy to deal movers and they are not brokers they guarantee and stand by their fees.

Service cost: $2678

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Local move within Georgia
from Grayson to Dunwoody

What movers?

When I called and spoke with Josh, he seemed very polite on the phone, and I felt confident with hiring them as movers. We agreed on three movers helping me. I love supporting small businesses and helping them get their name out so I didn’t go with anyone big. But on the day of the move, We agreed a 1130 or 12 pick up time. The movers arrived at 2 PM. One guy showed up at two and another guy showed up 30 minutes later. He had a small child with him, no more than five. I had agreed on three people not 2 1/2. I was also also very uncomfortable about the fact that they were letting the small child help. Move my objects. One mover followed me to my destination, the other mover with child did not show up. So we decided to move forward, so my family and me had to move things even though my parents are older and my father just recently had surgery and shouldn’t be moving things. The one guy who followed me, helped out a lot with moving the heavy objects. (He was great) But after an hour and a half, the other guy showed up and helped lift 2 things like dresser and coach. After that, he asked for payment. He charged me extra for a late arrival and late leave even though all of those were his fault. He arrived late at both destinations and blamed it on the ETA quoting time. But ETA stands for estimated time arrival Not hey I took a 2 1/2 hour almost 3 break during the move so you should pay me. I ended up paying the dude what I was owe because I did not feel like fighting or causing a scene in front of my family, but do not use these movers 100% a scam. He also made me pay everything via cash app??

Service cost: $465

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Local move within Georgia
from Atlanta to macon

Greatly done

Guys were awesome crew was awesome Just Great -dont have any complaint what's so ever J was great and very price efficient could not manage to move myself@ 76 years old brought some shrink wrap to store My items everything was punctual on time thank you crew!

Service cost: $780

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

samuel simmons
Interstate move
from atlanta, Georgia to birmingham, Alabama

good guys

the movers came on time were very nice did not have an issue whats so actually guardian moving went above my requirement by packing some boxes as you know a senior like myself was not able to pack a 3 bedroom by my self so i do appreciate the office for being on time with the information i required and the move was perfect this is my 9th move all my life and i consider it to be the Best move !

Service cost: $700

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

kevin William
Local move within Georgia
from Atlanta to duluth

Great day

i had an amazing time dealing with guardian moving everything was on time very nice moving guys Josh was very organized and helpful best moving experience in over a decade ... nice awesome company price was within my budget it, they gave me a voucher to pick up some Free boxes overall i give them a 5 star

Service cost: $750

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

chyna hunt
Local move within Georgia
from Atlanta to Atlanta

0 stars!!

This is the worse moving company ever DO NOT BOOK! I will be reporting them to the BBB and more. They broke my tv while moving and none of their movers actually work for their moving company. Josh will be the downfall of this business with his unprofessionalism and sarcastic nature. Not only were they 2 hours late but they also broke my tv and then proceeded to accuse me of punching my own brand new tv ! On top of that they tried to charge me 50 dollars extra of my total pricing because they went over time after being 2 hours late and leaving parts to my bed. DO NOT BOOK !!

Service cost: $360

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Charlotte, North Carolina to Atlanta, Georgia

So Grateful

Best movers. I hate moving and had to reschedule and they worked with me from beginning to end. So grateful for them! When they say they are the guardian movers they meant it. I felt safe and like they took a personal interest in me and my situation. I am just so grateful!

Service cost: $580

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Adjoa Davis
Local move within Georgia
from Decatur to Covington

Damage during move

I’ve been waiting for a refund since January 2022, on damage that was done from your workers during my move in September of 2021! I’ve spoken with Robert numerous times and have gotten the run around. He’s provided me with $70 via cash app and keeps telling me the rest is coming. I have documentation of this. It’s is now 2023, I’ve been extremely patient have made over 200 calls to Robert all and now I’m back being ignored. Please contact me ASAP to resolve this! I have text messages telling me that they sent the check to the wrong address in May of 2022. If this is true then why am I still waiting for it. Then he tells me that there was a mix up with mine and that Lisa in accounting will reach out to me. I’ve been waiting over a year and Lisa hasn’t called once. Robert has praised me for my patience while rushing me off the phone. He has my name and number set in his phone, so sends me straight to vice mail or will send a message telling me that he’s in a meeting and will call right back, which doesn’t happened. His phone will dial me accidentally every so often and I’ll hear him picking up his children or driving around, this is how I know he’s saved my number just to ignore me. Again, I have written documentation of Robert accepting blame and reassuring me that I will be taken care of and I also have pictures of the several things that were damaged!

Service cost: $1279

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Birmingham, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia

Excellent moving experience! Fast, efficient and friendly!

My experience with guardianmovinginc was really nice. Everything is done within expected time Arrived as planned. Did not waste any time. Moved quickly to load/unload furniture. Amount after job was complete was as estimated. No surprises. Thank you.

Service cost: $5400

Move Size: 4 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Atl, Georgia to Charlotte, North Carolina

It was a great experience

The movers showed up on time ! Lisa was very helpful with the invoice their were no confusion the movers showed up Ready to go the move did not take long due to the hard working guys it was a pleasure dealing with this moving team. I would recommend those guys to my family I always appreciate Honesty and Dealing with nice folks the price was within my budget .

Service cost: $1280

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

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Companies that transport household goods within Florida like Guardian Moving Inc have to register annually with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The Bureau of Compliance is the responsible regulatory authority that manages intrastate movers. Movers should be registered with the FMCSA to operate interstate.

ICC MC number: 0
USDOT: 996574