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The Review Movers Association is an American moving association designed to provide clients with much needed transparency in evaluating moving companies

Certified Mover

How to Become a Certified Mover?

To become a Certified Mover, a hopeful company must first undergo a yearlong evaluation process as a Pledged Mover. Once the 1 year mark is achieved and the Pledge has met the prerequisites, they may submit a formal request to join the ranks as a Certified Mover! To remain eligible for annual renewal, a Certified Mover must maintain the same standard of care, communication, and cooperation with both their clients and the RMA. As such, both Mover and Shipper (client) must be willing to undergo a fair evaluation process with reasonable response efforts from all perspectives. In doing so we can foster a better environment and raise awareness to one of the fastest growing industries in the country. It is the mission of the RMA to fulfill the consumer demand for a boost of integrity, accountability, and clarity in the Household Goods (HHG) transportation sector

What Separates Us From Other Review Sites?

Unlike other platforms such as the BBB, Yelp, and other establishments who are non-specific to the transportation industry, we specialize in handling cases and helping resolve issues between Shippers and Carriers. General review sites serve their purpose in posting reviews and complaints but without expertise in the field, the real issues aren’t dissected and all parties are left confused. Rather than functioning as a place to air things out, we are solution oriented.

We Understand

It is in the observation of this association that experts are required as mediators to navigate the nuances in the process of shipping household items. In this way, the review giants fall short. The moving industry is complex with many moving parts and our mission is to bridge the gap between Shippers and Shipping Companies; To open a line of communication and facilitate peaceful resolutions-- with or without legal counsel.

Prerequisites For a Certified Mover On Review Movers:

  • Must be an active Pledged Mover for a minimum of 1 year from the initial enrollment date.
  • Must maintain a clear display of effective communication and conflict resolution. Responding to every customer complaint with a satisfactory effort to resolve any dispute is required
  • Follow-up responses or solutions must be provided in a timely manner.
  • Must work with the latest Technology in moving, allowing Review Movers to mitigate any problems in regard to the data and specific job details. This technology allows the association to verify the legitimacy of customer complaints and responses from Movers.
  • Complaint to Job’s performed ratio may not be greater than 5% of a moving company's moves, this can be tracked through technology Review Movers has partnered with.
  • No more than 1% of customer complaints may be left unresolved.
  • Companies must allow full background checks to validate the companies’ amount of employees, trucks, insurance, bonds, and any lawsuits or legal issues.
  • The owner of the pledged company must allow a thorough background check and may not have any reported previous criminal activity
  • Review Movers must validate the location of the business.

Review Movers is not a legal representative nor do we provide legal advice to any customers. Review Movers is an association that has years of experience in the HHG and property transportation industry.

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