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Bharat Gwalani
Interstate move
from Richland, Washington to Cary, North Carolina

Worst moving company ever, never use them!

I would even call this company a total scam as they don’t do anything in your moving and take no responsibility. They just give you calls in the beginning to collect advance and then someone else will pick the boxes and another driver will move the boxes. Not affiliated to each other. They give a quote and then the person coming to pick you up will say it’s more stuff and they need more money to move. A customer is stuck as they have paid non refundable advance! Then when the drive brought the boxes, i checked inside the truck and looked at the volume. It was half of what they charged me. My stuff came to me in 1 month and 10 days when they committed for 9-21 days. They bring stupid rule counting starts when I am their to receive or 21 business days etc. when you call, the lady on calls is so rude and disrespectful. The boxes are open and some furniture is broken. In all the most frustrating and stressful experience ever.

Service cost: $16000

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Maggie Garcia
Local move within Florida
from Pensacola to Jacksonville


AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS! SCAM ARTISTS I WISH I WOULD HAVE READ THESE BEFORE BOOKING! Zero stars but it made me pick one to post. I have NEVER dealt with such a sleazy, scamming company in all my life and looking at other reviews I'm not the only one with this story. I have already filed a complaint with the BBB but in the meanwhile I don't want anyone to have to go through what my husband and I have. The original estimate was quoted at 551 cubic ft after confirming number/size of items on 3 separate calls and multiple emails. On the day of the move we were charged an additional 600cubic ft and we were told about this once all of our items were already on the truck. We paid DOUBLE from the original quote. We immediately called customer service to complain (while the movers were still there, but this was Sunday so no one actually to speak to) and were told that a note would be made on our account about it and someone would contact us the next day. Mind you we were then stuck with the contracted company (beware you won't get the nationwide movers you think you're booking) and our whole lives on their truck already at this point. The photos attached are of the truck once completely loaded and it was much less than even half way full, for a truck that could hold 1600cubic feet total packed to the brim. We lived in a completely furnished house so had very few items. We also had additional charges of $400 for "bulky" items listed as our peloton bike. However, this peloton bike was on our original estimate so the movers the day of took the liberty to call this a bulky item and charge more. When we spoke to the supervisor of Nationwide she claimed "well they come in different sizes", we all know they absolutely do not. There were also multiple broken items which included; the base of our flat screen TV (the mover chose to not remove the legs prior to wrapping with tape so broke the leg in half before even leaving our bedroom), our large armoire they chose to flip/roll to move instead of picking it up and slammed it down on its side on a downhill two steps down from our porch to the concrete driveway cracking one of the legs, 4 wine glasses we had just gotten as wedding gifts, and the framing of a painting. The most upsetting event that occurred during our move one of the movers was SMOKING IN OUR TRUCK WITH ALL OF OUR THINGS, which has resulted in our clothes and couch reeking of smoke. We are not a smoking household and it was completely disrespectful of our items. Finally, we were charged an additional $1000 dollars for an expedited move on the morning of our move, which as you can clearly see from the emails from a nationwide employee, Brandon states this was included in the estimate--we had confirmed this on 3 separate occasions with him and another employee who helped with the estimate. We contacted customer service on Monday 8/29 after not receiving the call we were supposed to from the previous day and they stated they could see the notation on our account and they would have a supervisor give us a call that day. Multiple days went by, no call. We called again and the secretary stated the supervisor was swamped with calls and she would leave a post it note but that we would receive a call by end of business day. Eight days later we finally spoke to a supervisor, Aidan, who we sent all of our pictures and information to. Two days later she tells us that we signed the paperwork and she can tell nothing by the photos we sent and Brandon "shouldn't have told us that it was included in the quote" but again there was nothing she could do about it. After yelling on the phone saying the only person higher than her was the owner of the company and she doesn't know what we expect her to do about it because she wasn't there and "it is what it is" she said she could offer us $200 HOWEVER this is with the caveat that we would require signing a waiver to not enforce legal action for what occurred, otherwise we should seek legal counsel against the contracted carrier.

Service cost: $9858

Move Size: Partial Move

Matt Moore
Interstate move
from Oxford, Ohio to Houston, Texas

Really Bad!!

PLEASE READ!!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! They will totally underestimate your square footage, they will underestimate the total cost (we are paying about double what they estimated us at), and they will REALLY underestimate the total amount of days of delivery (they said 10 days, we are going on 7 WEEKS now without our things). BRANDON WILSON sold us and totally screwed over our lives for two months. Please, buyer beware!!!

Service cost: $4800

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Melissa Thompson
Interstate move
from 38138, Tennessee to 77521, Texas

NO SHOW - A lot of work on us.

My husband and me brokered with Nationwide Moving for a long-distance move from Tennessee to Texas in June 2022. We had everything set-up and told we would be picked-up June 17th or 18th, which was Friday or Saturday. I spoke to the representative that would be helping us through the process. As our timeline came close, I did not hear from the moving company to confirm our packed total of boxes and furniture count so I called the week prior and was told things were still scheduled and I would be hearing from someone within 3-days of the move date. At the beginning of the week of June 17th, I called again to verify due to reading some of the reviews and the experiences of others being stood-up. I was assured things would move along as told earlier. NOW, moving with a company is still A LOT of work with packing, counting items, and sizes due to space. We were also trying to sell as much as possible to minimize the cubic foot on the truck. On Thursday June 16th, I received a call around 2pm from Megan (apparently from the moving company) where she left me a voicemail and said to return her call but did not say who she was calling on behalf. I immediately called her back around 2:20pm and there was NO answer and NO voicemail to leave a message. I continued to call every half hour until about 5:30pm when I call our representative to tell her the situation. She tried to get the company on the phone and was UNSUCCESSFUL. She said the pick-up day would be Saturday and to wait until tomorrow, which was Friday June 17th for a call from Megan. I tried calling randomly all-day Friday with NO success in reaching Megan or anyone else at the number and no way to leave a message. I called our representative late Friday, and she said the moving scheduler had a death in the family and had been out for days. Furthermore, she said it looked like Megan tried to reach me numerous times, which was a lie and I only had one voicemail from her and NO other calls on the call log. The representative tried to get the company on the phone and was UNSUCCESSFUL. She said we were still scheduled for pick-up tomorrow (Saturday) and to wait to hear from them in the morning. We waited until Saturday morning around 11am and still had NO contact with anyone. I called Megan with NO answer and NO voicemail again. I called the representative and she needed time to check on the move situation and she would call me back. I was NOT going to wait any longer!! I started to search for a truck and loaders, which I was able to organize within 3 hours. Meanwhile, I had NOT heard anything back from the company until we had finished our move to Texas. I received a call Monday or Tuesday that said they could schedule pick-up for Thursday of that week. NOW, we packed all our bedding and anything else Friday and Saturday morning with anticipation of the company showing up, so we were NOT about to WAIT LONGER. Bottomline: this company brokers out the moves, and in our case, it was brokered out to a company called Instamove, which I would NEVER USE AGAIN. I asked for a refund of both of my deposits and received the smaller one within days. As of today July 20th, I have NOT received the larger deposit check. Nationwide was nice and pleasant to deal with but could NOT ensure our move took place when contracted. We sold things and packed things up in a way that we did not need to do, which just caused more stress and last minute scrambling to get the move completed on our own.

Service cost: $4163

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Therese Mclay
Interstate move
from Dallas, Texas to Palm beach, Florida

Horrible company

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! Biggest scam ever. They are SUB-CONTRACTORS. They will LIE AND LIE about the price for the move. They sub contracted another horrible company, Jackson movers. First off, the mover showed up 8 hours late and they all barely spoke English. One of them broke my dresser while moving it and still added it onto the inventory list even though I had to trash it. Then they had the AUDACITY TO OVERCHARGE ME $1000 OVER MY ORIGINAL QUOTE. When I asked the guy why, he said I went over “my quoted square footage” and I asked him for proof and he refused to give it to me. I tried to get the answer from the RUDEST customer service department I’ve ever dealt with in my life. All they did was tell me the manager would call me with proof of why I was overcharged, and of course I never got my answer. I was moving from TX to FL, which is only 4 states away, first I didn’t hear from these people for two weeks. After I called after two weeks they said my stuff was still sitting in storage!!! Finally a WHOLE MONTH WENT BEFORE I RECEIVED MY STUFF. After a month went by, I told the company I was not available for 3 days for the shipment, they said they can’t guarantee for it not to be delivered on these days and I would be charged a redelivery fee. The “customer service department” is the RUDEST AND LEAST HELPFUL people I’ve ever had to deal with. Finally after a month with barely any communication, the movers came and were AGAIN 8 hours LATE. MOST OF MY STUFF CAME BROKEN!!!!! Do yourself a favor and get a real reputable moving company because this place is an absolute scam.

Service cost: $3000

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Rebecca Green
Interstate move
from Clearwater, Florida to Pueblo, Colorado

Excellent move

We hired them on our relocation from Florida to Colorado. Our relocation consultant was fantastic, extremely helpful, and simple to communicate with. In addition, the consultant was quite helpful and was always accessible to answer questions. The relocation crew was excellent. I couldn't have asked for more. I was incredibly amazed with how quickly they packed up and transported everything. It was incredible. They were quite well-organized. Because the house wasn't finished, we had to store our belongings for three months. And when we moved in and called to have our belongings brought in, it was done quickly.

Service cost: $6200

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Tracy Miller
Interstate move
from Derry, New Hampshire to Bangor, Maine

Bad service

I've never posted a review before, but this company was so horrible that I'm going out of my way to write one on every website I can find so that people don't use them. Some of the customer service representatives were unpleasant to me (some were good too). But, more importantly, this company's logistics are bad. I had called to amend the ledger for our move, which resulted in a little price estimate change - which was perfectly acceptable. However, I never received an email confirming the new pricing.

Service cost: $3300

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Norman, Oklahoma to Ames, Iowa

Worried about my items

The service has left me quite dissatisfied! They did everything to secure the customer's business. However, once my items have been placed in storage, there has been no further communication! The delivery time was initially 7 to 10 days. They have every explanation why it won't arrive in the next two weeks (including the long weekend and other factors). I'm very upset, and I'm concerned about when it will arrive.

Service cost: $2600

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Ogden, Utah to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Untruthful, deceptive, and expensive.

Nationwide, as many others have stated, is dishonest in their dealings, misleads their clients, and charges exorbitant costs. We used them to transfer our belongings across state lines, figuring that the convenience would be worth the money. Nationwide, on the other hand, stated they couldn't transport our stuff on a Saturday without charging an extra $900!! I'm not sure why they can't deliver on weekends, but I figured that $5300 would cover the cost of getting my items to me. They told they couldn't deliver our stuff until Wednesday, 8 days after we ordered them, since we didn't pay the cost.So, because we didn't collect our stuff on Saturday, they claim we have to pay a $477 storage cost because our 30 days are up by one day. They'll charge you in whatever way they can, and they'll never deal with you over the phone. As others have pointed out, their customer "service" is unhelpful and unresponsive. I'm filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and I'm hoping that others will follow suit so that they can stop defrauding others! DON'T EVER EVER hire to  Nationwide

Service cost: $5500

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from NY, New York to San Francisco, California

Poor service

There was so much confusion among their own personnel that they charged my card the wrong amount, three crates were missing from their end, and they only reimbursed me $150. The boxes are significantly more valuable. It's a really inconvenient relocation. It was a really poor service I think that I could find another moving company a Lil bit more serious.

Service cost: $2500

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

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