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Soledad Emmerich
Interstate move
from hollywood, California to Bolton, North Carolina

Good job

Above and beyond service! I have to make long distance moves quite a bit for work and I can confidently say that Safe ship has definitely been the most communicative. I for sure recommend it!--33.Highly recommend it! Always someone monitoring our items. Will use them again next year. Safe Ship Moving Services

Service cost: $3300

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Volkman Daryl
Local move within California
from Hollywood to Losenges


I was referred to Safe Ship and it was definitely a good decision. They took care of everything and were very informative! I was very nervous and could tell I was being bothersome but they were all so nice the entire time. It was obvious they went out of their way for me and everything turned out great.

Service cost: $2500

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Grace Bartoletti
Interstate move
from Hollywood, California to Denver, Colorado

Good team

I never had to worry about a thing! Everything went so smoothly and actually arrived pretty quickly. This is the second time I've moved long distance and the first time I've used a moving broker, but I was very impressed! I would definitely recommend it.

Service cost: $3000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Suzanne Blomquist
Interstate move
from Spokane Valley, Washington to Pueblo, Colorado

Do not use Homesafe Transit W Palmbeach FL

PLEASE READ and consider my review when looking for a moving company a one star is too high for Homesafe Transit, West Palm Beach FL. I paid them to locate a moving company near me… Nothing went according to plan. I called Homesafe for help. The CSR helped minimal. I requested to speak to a manager. As I was waiting to talk to management, they had their advertisement playing during hold time. **STRESS FREE?** Not correct. I made countless call starting 03–28 to Homesafe, for assistance with no response until 4-20. **QUALITY** Not correct. No quality here, the customer service reps were rude, when I would asked to speak to management, they would be the manager. It was weeks of call before management responded finally with an email. When I would tell them I desperately needed their help, their words were… That was my problem contact the moving company.** SEAMLESS** Not correct. There was nothing seamless about this I had to do so much of the phone calls in the work, they made a few phone calls, but they did not try to find out what was wrong and why the delay. ** WHAT WE QUOTE IS WHAT YOU PAY** Not correct. I had LESS items than what was on my contract, fitting all items under the square footage allowed. I had to pay $352 more. And when I called Homesafe later about it, they said why did you pay them? I told them I paid them: because their lines were busy when I try to reach them at that time. I had to have the items picked up that day as scheduled. I had to run to the bank for cash, because the moving company app did not work like I was told I could pay. I had to get back to work with limited time to wait for help. The moving company had me in a corner and I had no option but to pay the extra money at that time. When I called Homesafe about the extra charges, they said nothing they could do, I paid it. ** NO SURPRISE** Not correct. Finally management contacted me 04-20 with an email, after numerous emails and phone calls, they offered $300 to compensate for my problems. Keep in mind I had paid $352 extra above my contract. I figured that $300 is better than nothing. I then received an email from Homesafe stating if I wanted $300 I had to sign an agreement, that I would not write any bad reviews. Yes I wanted the $300, but it was more important, to let others know my experience. So I did not agree to this. I wonder how many people had that options with them? When I read the their reviews initially, I asked them about their bad reviews, they had explanations for everything. Please know I'm a real person, with real problems with them. I did what I was supposed to do, I had expected their help when things did not go according to the plan. I was not asking for them to move the world, just a few personal items 1200 miles. This was nothing but headache, total stress and pure frustration working with this company. I would not recommend Homesafe Transit West Palm Beach FL for any one.

Service cost: $2348

Move Size: Partial Move

Aiyana Veum
Interstate move
from hollywood, California to baltimore, Maryland

Very good job

I've used Safe Ship Moving on all three of my moves. They are professional, efficient, honest, and knowledgeable. Because of their work ethic, they will always be honest and respectful. Moving is stressful enough. They were quick and very courteous to my Mom. Definitely would recommend them to anybody.

Service cost: $2800

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Brandon Jerry
Interstate move
from hollywood, California to Boynton Beach, Florida

Amazing service all around!

Highly recommend it! Only downside is the fact that they don't do interstate moves, I would have loved to have my mom's things moved with you all. This company really cares about their customers and it totally shows.They did everything to keep my cost down and were very professional! I would recommend Safe Ship Moving Services highly!"

Service cost: $3000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Linda Michael
Interstate move
from Orlando, Florida to kearny, New Jersey


my neighbor recommended this company to me. I called them up and got booked immediately, I ordered the platinum packing service and was not disappointed. Everything came in perfect condition, and was delivered within a week. I was nervous because I wasn't physically there at the pickup but my sister was there and said the guys were phenomenal.

Service cost: $3600

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Arthur Radcliff
Interstate move
from Puyallup, Washington to Bixby, Oklahoma

Moving is Stressful - Thanks Again

I just graduated college and decided to move across the country to fulfill my dream job and I needed a professional moving team to help. I called Safe ship and they were able to get me an amazing price and understood that I am college student with not a lot of money. They arranged everything for me and when the movers arrived they packed my furniture really well and safe ship followed up with me throughout the whole process.

Service cost: $2325

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Kelvin Abby
Interstate move
from Gibsonia, Pennsylvania to Gunter, Texas

Thank you soooooo much for all of your help.

My movers bailed on me last minute and safe ship was able to get a truck out for me the following day. I should have booked with safe ship to begin with, I knew the other company made me feel uncomfortable and should've stuck with my gut. Safe ship turned my horrible experience into a positive one (they even saved me some money).

Service cost: $3700

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Michael Arne
Interstate move
from Gibsonia, Pennsylvania to Gunter, Texas

Customer service is on point!

They made me feel so valued, knowing that they were on my side looking out for me and making sure I was happy with my service. I have been very happy with my move so far. My items are in storage for the time being, I am waiting for my new house to close! Thankfully, I know that the customer service department will help me when I'm ready for my things to be scheduled for delivery.

Service cost: $3000

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

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