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$ 6615
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46% more than market avg.

Monica Sigala
Interstate move
from Morristown, Tennessee to Carson City, Nevada

Horrible experience

Horrible customer service, very rude to me and rip off! Never again. Please go somewhere else when looking for a mover. Was dealing with this one guy, the Signed estimate was for a 10x20 unit but then dealt with someone new and He said, "so, you have a 10x8 unit," which I replied no, never said that. Always said a 10x20 unit, so of e course now trying to charge more. He got very rude and defensive so I told him if he keeps talking that way to me and interrupting me I will have to hand up on him. I finally did. Since they're just the broker, the mover called me and I explained how rude they were and he said they have gotten several complaints. Now I'm afraid my deposit with Safe Ship is gone, $700 worth, since they are having me deal with the movers directly.

Service cost: $4633

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

TL Bachofner
Interstate move
from AUBREY, Texas to Tualatin, Oregon

Do no use Safe Ship

Moving broker, when things went VERY wrong with the movers they assigned (MC Movers), I was told I could only submit a complaint via email, which I did, but never received a response. Safe Ship estimated very low, movers charged $2k more. Read your contract VERY carefully, as you can not pack items in your dresser drawers etc. EVERYTHING must be packed in boxes, including yard items, hoses, rackes etc. Then your items are moved from truck to truck to truck. Mine changed trucks /drivers 3 or 4 different times which of course lead to broken furniture and lost items. Final delivery driver was very rude, and again, Safe Ship will do NOTHING to help you file a claim. They will not even acknowledge your complaints about Safe ship. Over all - extremely disappointed. Read more at:

Service cost: $150000

Move Size: 4+ Bedroom Home

Paul Taylor
Interstate move
from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Omaha, Nebraska

Doesn’t deserve one star

Ripped me off. Negotiated discounted rate. Offloaded my job to a third party who unsold me $6k to pick up less items than planned. Then dropped $5k worth of tvs and offered me $73 to replace. The worst company I’ve ever come across ethically, professionally and capability wise. Avoid at all costs - there are better people out there who care and need your business. I literally watched the guy spin my tv like a pizza and drop it. Totally destroyed and they do not care.

Service cost: $12500

Move Size: 4+ Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Murfreesboro, Tennessee to Norcross, Georgia

Not transparent and willing to help

Company did not enter the estimates correctly onto their DOT website or whatever they call it for estimated packing, assume customer knows everything about the load brokerage side and refused the partial compensation requested for their fault, not their contractors or the customers. They threatened to pull the load from the movers upon arrival when they informed the broker of the amount being different and the brokers’ item list being incorrect even after the video tour with the broker. Do not recommend this broker, go directly through Supreme Relocation instead!

Service cost: $4700

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Finn Parker
Interstate move
from sandpoint, Idaho to Kearney, Nebraska

I contacted about 15 different moving companies before I was able to find safe ship

Okay I am finally finished moving, I was lucky enough to receive my stuff on Chirstmas Eve Eve, the 23rd. The moving crew picked up my stuff on the 20th and delivered it 3 days later on the 23rd. I found this company while browsing long distance movers online. I contacted about 15 different moving companies before I was able to find safe ship that could actually assist me. I was reluctant to use this company because I could not find movers to help me during the week of Christmas but safe ship ginn lou moving and storage to assist me. The movers arrived with the truck around 9 am. They moved all of the stuff from the truck into the first floor of my house. Since the moving team arrived early, I was able to have my living room and dining room completely set up by nighttime. So I was able to have Christmas eve and Christmas dinner which is a big plus.

Service cost: $6100

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Katharine Malinowski
Interstate move
from East Rutherford, New Jersey to Wimauma, Florida

Total SCAM

Safe Ship did a phone estimate of my inventory. Movers (not actual safe ship workers, but a company contracted by safe shop to do the job) showed up on moving day and tried to tell me that my cubic footage was double then what was given over the phone. I expected a small change as I am aware that uneven items and things like moving blankets take up space. But not double. Additionally, I removed 2 large items from the move that were on the initial estimate. The mover tried to say my stuff was 1300 cubic feet. And the original estimate was 600. I ended up telling the movers to leave and I went with another company. Actual cubic footage with the new company was 700 cubic feet. So safe ship essentially price matched to win the business, took a "non refundable" deposit from me, and then contracted a company who tried to double the square footage to make their money back. Research that I should have done before hand shows that complaints against them for deceptive business practice and estimates/final costs have DOUBLED every year

Service cost: $3900

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Falls Church, Virginia to Orlando, Florida

Misleading Quotes and Scamming

Fraud, fraud and liar. Another company quoted me for $2000 while I got a call from a guy named Darren at the company who said "we can build it for $1800" but it ended up being $2620. I agreed with them on what I have listed, but they then charged me for cubic feet that they never told me about. They tried to charge me for more crap that I took care of, otherwise it could have cost more and more. Please avoid this brokerage firm if you value your money. They give you a false quote and then charge you more.

Service cost: $2620

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Vine Grove, Kentucky to Tucson, Arizona

Horrible Estimators

DO NOT USE THEM!!! I am beyond furious at Safe Ship. Recently the movers came at 7:30pm (1.5 hours later than agreed upon) and they did not leave until 2am. I have 3 children that this move disrupted in a very harmful way. What upsets me the most right now is that they quoted me 768 cubic feet for all of my things and it was only HALF of what I needed to move. I was only able to get the movers to take the big furniture and even that was 200 cubic feet more than what they quoted me for everything that I told them that needed to be moved. Now I have to make arrangements at the very last minute for everything else that needs to be moved. Not to mention that this is going to cost me about $1,000 more than I was told. I understand if I needed a little more room and they still took everything but I was over and they only took half of what I needed to be taken. Even the driver looked at the list and told me that the estimate was way off. I was very honest and very precise in what I said I needed to move. Especially with QA. Safe Ship is horrible at estimations. They claim to be a veteran owned organization but I seriously doubt that. Safe Ship stabbed me in the back and hurt my children. And they caused me to spend thousands of more dollars than any of their estimations. I also had to get additional storage and hire another mover to help that will drive up my moving costs even higher. DO NOT USE THEM!!!higher.

Service cost: $7000

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Kevin Contreras
Interstate move
from Redwood Estates, California to Elko, Nevada


Our recent move with Safe Ship was excellent! Our driver arrived at exactly the time promised at packing as well as delivery. He brought two very strong helpers with him. All of the movers were helpful, caring, efficient and strong! Our load arrived in great condition; with everything placed as requested. We discovered that our driver, Brian, had actually moved us to the location we were leaving, making us his first repeat customers! Should we have to move again (I pray, NOT!) we would definitely request Safe Ship, geo van lines and Brian.

Service cost: $2900

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from El Paso, Texas to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Incompetent and untrustworthy

At best, they're utterly incompetent. At worst, they're scam artists who will wait until they have you cornered and extort money from you. I live in a large city with a military base, so I contacted this company in August to schedule a move in October. According to the payment agreement: "Once your payment is processed with us (required deposit amount) we will immediately have our dispatch department initiate the process of locating a licensed and insured carrier to transport your household goods." In reality, I got a phone call the morning of my 48 hour moving window to inform me that they couldn't find anyone to do the move for the agreed cost. So instead of getting everything arranged in August as their own agreement stipulated, they waited until day-of to start locating movers. The woman who called told me I could either try later in the week and hope something became available or pay $500 more to get it done in the agreed upon time frame. I took time off from my job to get my move done. Waiting until the business day prior to tell me would have been questionable, but at least allowed me to get my time and money back from the days off. I certainly was not about to pay $500 more because of their logistical failure. I told them I don't trust them not to pull this exact bull on delivery in order to get more money for precisely zero effort on their part, and canceled the move. They wasted my money, time, and what little sanity I have left.

Service cost: $2464

Move Size: Partial Move

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