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$ 6649
Interstate move average
42% more than market avg.

Tyler Pisani
Interstate move
from 99205, Washington to 89117, Nevada


I’m a single father of 5 kids and relocating across the country for work, you can imagine how crazy and stressful that is… I literally wanted to pull my hair out! Until one of my coworkers recommended Safe Ship Moving and what a great recommendation it turned out to be. The guys Safe Ship sent were very professional and did an awesome job packing all of our things, I was able to focus on the kids while they did the rest. They also did an awesome job with the delivery, we received all of our things and zero damages. Thank you so much Safe Ship!

Service cost: $3000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Dave Allippa
Interstate move
from Orlando, Florida to Suwanee, Georgia

They were wonderful

It was great. They were quick, they were courteous. No damage, no problems at all. I would highly recommend Safe Ship Moving Services. They didn't delay, they were just perfect. They were very thorough and they moved very quickly. They were good at what they did and they were very courteous.

Service cost: $2900

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Mariana Burgos
Interstate move
from Boston, Massachusetts to Oakland, California

Terrible Scam

Safe ship, specifically Jesse, is running a scam. The harassment of numerous calls plus ridiculous prices are a red flag. Although Jesse is the main reason not to go with this company, their business is unethical and they do not do the proper filings with the state of Florida. I suggest to go to the Secretary state of Florida website to see what a scam they are running.

Service cost: $12000

Move Size: 4+ Bedroom Home

Jorge Madrazo
Interstate move
from Roswell, New Mexico to Tucson, Arizona

what an experience

I called around and got so many different quotes for our out of state move. The prices ranged by thousands of dollars with no guarantee that it would not increase after they moved us to our new state. Safe Ships was the best price, best value, and they were spot on estimating how much our belongings would take to move.. all over Facetime! Price was almost exactly what I was quoted, with no surprises and the loading crew and unloading crew were great and professional. Our driver was a pleasure to work with, she was awesome. Great company and experience. Other moving companies can learn from them. Thank you!

Service cost: $4200

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Hyattsville, Maryland to Los Angeles, California


This company lacks transparency, has deceptive practices, and makes false claims. Safe Ship Moving Service is a broker, and they do not do the actual moving job. They sell the job to anyone that will take it. They sold my job to Home and Office Moving Company, and they are just as bad. My experience was HORRIBLE, a NIGHTMARE... DON'T TRUST ANYONE, ESPECIALLY DARREN (PHONE NUMBER: 561- 948-5312). I initially called for an estimate for a long-distance move from the east coast to the west coast. I worked with Darren, who took my detailed inventory list and provided the estimate. After, I asked for time to think about it and stated I would call back with any questions and book the services. While I was reviewing this and other estimates, Darren contacted me almost daily, which is all to appear to have good customer service and to get your money. During a follow-up call, I asked Darren and their quality assurance team to look over my inventory list because their estimate was much lower than other companies. They promised me that my estimate was correct and there wouldn't be any hidden cost. On the day of pick up, the driver stated my inventory would not fit in the estimated space, and it would be an additional $2000. Further, they stated Safe Ship uses computer software, and the estimates are OFTEN WRONG. I called Safe Ship and Home and Office, and all they said was to work with the driver on a new price, and they would review the calls to see where the discrepancy occurred. I have called several times (and left messages), and no solution. Fast forward, I just got a call the day before my delivery and was told by the driver that I would need a shuttle service because downtown areas of big cities don't allow semi-trucks. He said the price was $728. I asked why I was not told about this, and he stated he did not know. But Safe Ship and Home and Office should have known that semi-trucks can't fit in downtown areas, and they could have advised me before now

Service cost: $8000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Marcus Cho
Interstate move
from Los Angeles, California to Washington, Utah

From one professional to another

Excellent experience with Safe Ship Moving. I requested an online quote and received an immediate response from Reggie. He put a quote together based on my inventory list, and the final charges were to the penny. The crew arrived at exactly the time I was told, and proceeded to start working immediately. They worked great as a team, finished quickly, and the best part, no damage. And all was done with a great attitude. I was in the transportation industry for over 20 years myself, and would highly recommend Safe Ship to anyone looking to relocate.

Service cost: $3398

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Chuck Martin
Interstate move
from Paso Robles, California to Whitewater, Colorado


Jesse was great to work with and helped me as a first time relocator and got me what I needed, fairly. The men who came with the truck that day were very kind, answered all my questions and helped me with whatever I needed. Stuff was packed well and they were extremely quick! I was so afraid of my highly expensive TV being damaged, but thankfully they provided a special tv box and the guys understood so they handled it with care. I will be using Safe Ship from now on.

Service cost: $3150

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Shirley Jones
Interstate move
from 93940, California to 32169, Florida

Patience is a Virtue

Safe Ship Moving was so patient with me. I changed the date 4 times and they did not charge me. When I was finally ready to pick up I had sold a lot of my furniture . They will be able to bring my price down and get me picked up with excellent service. Thank you Safe Ship for your patience with me!

Service cost: $3550

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Grace Trott
Interstate move
from Layton, Utah to Erie, Pennsylvania

Expensive but professional

Pricey, but they did a great job. We could not be happier with the care given to our property. In 2.5 hours they prepared the entire room of furniture and loaded it for us. Our furniture was wrapped, then blankets we were amazed. We arrived in Pennsylvania, no problems, the furniture did not move at all! Customer service was awesome, keeping me updated through the whole move and even answered my calls after an hour.

Service cost: $2875

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Rich Cervantez
Interstate move
from San Marcos, California to Alexandria, Virginia

Presently surprised

My move was so smooth! Safe Ship Moving really helped me do an accurate inventory and helped us get everything packed. It was less money to get the full package then to buy boxes and pack myself. They moved everything , took everything apart and put everything back together. It was great!

Service cost: $2350

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

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