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$ 6365
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52% more than market avg.

Paul Wilson
Interstate move
from Draper, Utah to Henrico, Virginia

Misrepresentation of shipping

I moved across country very recently and went with Safe Ship Moving Services. A few things to note are they sold me on a fast 7-21 day shopping with an average of 2 weeks shipping while I'm now being informed that it is actually 7-21 business days. This was a huge letdown and I was sold a lie. They also sourced a packing company that has an average rating of 2.5 stars and was slow as hell they took 3 hours to load a 1 bedroom(I packed the other room in my car) apartment. Safe ship moving also doesn't have a Google page to leave reviews because they are clearly atrocious. I would never go with them again. Please avoid the headache

Service cost: $2700

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from CHURCHTON, Maryland to Waterford, New York

Not the best-

At first they seemed great. Helpful, answered back quickly, but once they got the deposit and assigned a contractor they didn’t much seem to care. Their estimate was off so I had to pay an extra $650 PLUS the contract says 0-7 days for delivery if under 500 but the contractor you get decides so I basically said either do it the date safe ship said or get out of my house. Moved my stuff, unpacked and left all the garbage in my garage didn’t take any of it with them. Asked for a full receipt after… crickets from everyone. Plus no one has even reached out to ask how it went. I am military and they are veteran yet they don’t much care. They do give you a discount for it but hassle that went along with them really you are Better off getting a haul.

Service cost: $7600

Move Size: 4 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Boynton Beach, Florida to Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Stay away- DO NOT USE

Do not use this company. Under any circumstances. At All. Every negative review is accurate. And it's the same thing. They quote one price then jack it days before the move and refuse to return your deposit. When we initially spoke with the representative on the phone we went over everything in the house and gave us what I now realize was a VERY low estimate. I hoped that by speaking to someone I thought knew what they were doing, it would be more accurate. It wasn't even close and then doubled our moving cost as we went over everything. We acknowledge we had some additions not originally on the list and the cost might increase slightly but he completely underestimated the packing and cubic feet which totally threw off the initial "estimate". We even removed these items to see if the quote would get lowered and it did not, at least not substantially. It's either unprofessional, incompetent or deliberately misleading. Because they never follow up until 3-5 days before the move they claim they wont return the deposit since it's outside the cancelation window. After the initial call there was a lot of pressure to secure the move and they never set up a facetime or in person review to provide a more accurate quote (not an estimate), not something that will balloon up days before the move. Low balling initial estimates completely misleads the customer and, as I'm sure in many other cases, prevents consumers from seeking other quotes. Our consultant even confirmed as much that initial estimate was very inaccurate. What we have found out and realized is this more the business model than actually moving people. They are also a broker and NOT the actual movers. You're better off finding an actual mover who will at the very least view the items. The bait and switch and screw the customer is a feature, not a bug

Service cost: $0

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from chelsea, Michigan to knoxville, Tennessee

-5 Stars if possible

A very very shady company, we were screwed from one of the biggest moving company therefore we called safeship. I gave them a list everything that was in the house, including a baby grand piano that would require disassembly and I would supply piano board. The shady salesmen NICK told me everything I want to hear, 26 ft truck dedicated for us with at least 3 movers. What came was a 26 ft truck half full with someone stuff, 2 movers that did NOT speak any English, they had no idea how to move a piano. There was no way all of our stuff would fit into that truck that was already half full. I escalated to safeship and they do not give me any support or any escalation about the issue at hand and we had to be out of the house in less than 24 hours. I had to get a U-Haul on top of that and had to pay a premium. I escalated to safeship that we needed more mover and they kept telling us more will be coming that knew how to take the piano apart and they never came. I had to take the lead on this, I gather my friends and the movers and have them watch a video on youtube on how to disassemble a piano and we were able to do it. This was AGREED upon when I signed up. It even shows on my documents that I've signed. ANyways, long story short, between the movers , myself and my friend we were able to disassemble and move it on the truck. They should be paying me some money back since I lead this effort. This company just sucks!

Service cost: $11000

Move Size: 4 Bedroom Home

Julie Miller
Interstate move
from Park City, Utah to Providence, Rhode Island

Do not use this company!!!

I hired Safe Ship to coordinate a small move, sending furniture from UT to RI. This was a HUGE mistake. First, let's talk cost, my estimate was approximately $3800 as this is their lowest level, I was told from my inventory I was about 50% under the volume for the move and there should not be any additional charges. Not true, I had to pay an additional $650 to the carrier they hired. When I called I was told if they could not get the delivery scheduled for when I was going to be in RI that they would store the furniture for up to 30 days free of charge. Not true, I had to pay an additional $250 to store the furniture as it did not make it when I had planned to be. In addition to that, I also had to pay another $600 for the reschedule the delivery; this was never communicated to me at the time of booking, but then if I wanted to get the furniture back I had no choice. In the end I would have been better off to go with a regular moving company as the price would have been cheaper. What you are told by Safe Ship employees when booking is a complete LIE. If you choose to use this company I recommend you fully READ the pages of the legal contract in detail and perhaps hire an attorney to review. I have made numerous moves over the last 30 years and I have never had the issues I had with working with Safe Ship. I did read reviews and did some research on the company beforehand but did not dig deep enough as most of the reviews were very high so I stopped. My bad. In summary, do your self a favor and use someone else. They will literally steal from you.

Service cost: $6000

Move Size: Studio

Local move within Virginia
from Virginia Beach to Virginia Beach


This is a SCAM, they pay for good reviews but will steal from you. They will start with a nice quote and then call a week before the move for a QA, at this time they will ask for a 2nd down payment, I should have stopped at this red flag. Then the day of the move the price will double.

Service cost: $9000

Move Size: Partial Move

Megan McCarty
Interstate move
from Austin, Texas to Wheaton, Illinois

Absolute TRASH

Took advantage of an elderly woman living on her own moving across the country. Strung her along, told her her car would be delivered on Saturday and then they showed up a day early and CHARGED her extra because she wasn’t staying at the address yet and they had to change the drop off location. Then changed drop off of items multiple times,finally pushing to 5 AM the day after expected leaving her to SLEEP ON THE FLOOR, wanted extra money again. TRASH.

Service cost: $5000

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Jennifer Cochran
Interstate move
from Panama City, Georgia to Panama City, Florida


This is a scam and they will continue to call you over and over even after you have already told them you went with another moving company. I did my research before selecting a mover and they just won't stop bothering me. Every day it's a new person harassing me and they continue to talk over me rudely stating I won't find a better company. It's to the point of my filing a complaint with the BBB. Any reputable company doesn't need to beg for business and talk down on other companies...yet this company does. They refuse to accept that they have terrible reviews and that's why I'm not using them, so now they are just bombarding me with calls and texts from different numbers.

Service cost: $3500

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Alexis Slagle
Local move within Arizona
from Phoenix to Phoenix


SCAM ALERT. Things I wish were fully explained beforehand: - The company ONLY hires third party movers and sets pick-up date. The agent you speak to is getting paid COMMISSION who reels in the broker’s fee and gets you to sign contract. Moving truck charge is loosely based on a few questions about items to guess the truck space needed (computer program that generates the quote.) - ANYTHING needed after this is not and will not be provided by them. You now must handle the rest of the move with the third-party movers if you can contact them. If you need status on your items, this company does not provide it. You will have to attempt to contact the third-party movers. - UPCHARGE IF your items exceed the quoted space AND/OR if the movers cannot or will not arrange the items in an efficient way within quoted space. (I could see more square footage available in the truck that I paid for, but the movers couldn’t figure out how to arrange items to fill the space and had to use more space and charge me more. I’m sure that was convenient for them. I cannot handle the items myself or I would have tried to rearrange. I had to let them over charge me and drive off – I must move today.) - The estimated delivery date of your items is meaningless. They will give you a date but movers legally have 30 days to deliver and will use the entire month with no apparent reasoning. My items were to arrive within 3-10 days max and was delivered in 3-4 weeks. - Once delivered you must look through all items to sign off that all items were delivered – even though they have an inventory list they can use to do it. Once they leave they will do nothing to accommodate any missing or damaged items. They say they are licensed and insured – this means nothing. Moving brokers are a SCAM. I will warn everyone who moves about them. They use every excuse or reference the fine print but there is no excuse for the experience I had with this company especially with an out-of-state move that is already stressful. I was in a personal crisis for my safety and needed to move asap otherwise I would have spent more time researching. Save yourself money, time, and frustration! Hire local help, get a U-Haul, do it yourself, this company is not and should not be an option! Good luck fellow movers.

Service cost: $3000

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Karla Martinez
Interstate move
from Chicago, Illinois to Miami, Florida


They lie from the very beginning - they will not be transparent about the cost and will upsell you throughout the whole way. My move more than doubled after initial booking. When I told customer service repeatedly that the sales person, Joseph, lied to me - they kept blowing me off and asking me if I had it in writing. I told them to review the phone records because he said it would arrive on an exact date. Also the company that picked up my move was a major issue too. They scheduled delivery and never showed up! When I tried to contact them they were unresponsive. When I did get in contact with them, they were not remotely helpful. DO NOT BOOK WITH THIS BROKER.

Service cost: $6000

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

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