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Billy Chang
Interstate move
from Manassas, Virginia to Atlantic Ciry, New Jersey

it worked out

I had to relocate back to nj to visit my father in the hospital. He doesnt have much time left so i scrambled around the internet and eventually found this company through a forum I found on google. I didnt have any time or resources to pack my studio or decide what i wanted to keep or throw away. This company found a moving company for me to pack and ship everything I own. They even packed and wrapped my all in one cpu monitor. I bought my ps5 on the plane with me. I received all of my items 3 days after my arrival in jersey. the delivery of my items was in their estimated time of arrival window. it was pricey but since my all in one cpu/monitor combo in perfect condition so i will give them 5 stars. us millenials cant live without out electronics lol

Service cost: $4500

Move Size: Studio

Stephanie Accardi
Interstate move
from Manhattan, New York to Bethesda, Maryland

they moved my stuff across 3 states fast

Safe Ship has been the best moving company, that I have worked with. I have moved 4 times in the 12 years, I'm in the military so every few years I relocate to a new base to train more soldiers. I have used 2 other companies for the other times I've moved. After the lengthy booking process. Safe Ship gave me a delivery window of 4 days, and I received the contents of my studio in 2 days. I didn't move far from my my old home in the big apple so the transit time should be low

Service cost: $3500

Move Size: Studio

Carla Boyles
Interstate move
from Sandpoint, Idaho to Bellevue, Alabama

i had a good encounter with safe ship

From beginning to end one of the best experiences I've had from office staff to crew. No Problems, on time and did everything we needed. Could not ask for better. Great team of guys. Worked hard to get us moved. Didn't damage anything. It took a little longer and cost a little more, but I didn't mind paying for the convenience of someone else carrying and delivering my furniture. Would use again or refer to a friend. The 2 young men were awesome. I felt bad because the mosquitoes were out as well. They handled themselves professionally and was very efficient.

Service cost: $4400

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Darnell Talbert
Interstate move
from Hanscom AFB, Massachusetts to Ocean Springs, Mississippi

First Dissapoontment in Supposed “Veteran” Owned Company

Safe Ship Moving Services UTILIZE SERVICES OF THIS COMPANY WITH EXTREMELY CAUTION!!! If you’re looking to pay for services to help relieve the struggles of PCS, this is NOT the place to look! As current active duty service member I try and utilize veteran owned businesses. No different than this circumstance where I needed last minute changes to moving my family from Boston to the Gulf in MS. Things started out great and I was experiencing customer service like no other. Felt like I was listened to, very responsive and I felt confidence entrusting this company with a significant event in my family’s life. Staff members were professional, making me feel valued. After singing contract and delivering my hefty payment, it just went so downhill from there. Moving company that Safe Ship went with showed up on time and were very courteous. After their scan of our home the Movers themselves before starting said they didn’t plan to take a part my kids toys such as dollhouses, play kitchens and other oddly shaped structures as they believed best to keep in tact and would work to load. They really worked hard throughout entire day and as night fell, the truck was full and about 1/4 of my household goods was not in in nor packed up. I called the customer service line and the rep said they would contact me in the morning about what to do. This proved to be false as no one called. I had to call and explain what happened with items still left at my house and how to get them packed up. Again, was told I would get a callback with some type of course of action. 4 hours went by with no communication. Mind you, I am in military privatized housing and am supposed to be out of the home that day. Upon calling the customer service line again, speaking to same rep, the rep sounded like she hadn’t been doing anything about mg situation and asked me to explain what happened again: “Oh, let me contact the moving company and see what the situation is,” conversation like, what have you been doing these last few hours????? It was two more hours, yes TWO, and I hadn’t received any communication when I called again myself. Was told there was no one to come get my remaining HHG and I was literally just left to figure this out on my own. No suggestions, no assistance of ANY kind and sadly, NO APOLOGY. Paying all the money we did, I would expect some kind of customer service that would at the VERY LEAST, provide some option. Calling the next day first thing in the morning a rep by name of Kevin, I feel listened to my struggle and anguish. Said he would work to find someone to get the remaining HHG. Had to sign a new contract, shell out more money ( no other option for rental trucks, or anything to help move me). This rep found a different company to come pack and move our stuff but it would take 1-2 additional days. I mentioned that I was in military privatized housing, but there was another family due to move on, and each day I occupied the house, it cost my family prorated rent. After an entire fay of no communication or any loving service, I moved my remaining HHG items to the curb so I wasn’t bleeding out more money. I let Safe Ship know this happened while they were “maybe” working on case to get a company to move out stuff. This has already been a long review so won’t go in detail how both moving companies Safe Ship “selected” were no where near, “highest of any quality,” but rather convey how so UNDERVALUED and UNAPPRECIATED I felt in entrusting Safe Ship. I respectfully requested my contact info be passed to “veteran owners” asking he/she/them to contact me personally but again, no response. In any review I’ve ever done positive or negative, have I ever encouraged to absolutely NOT USE services but just have to now! Providing my email for an alternative solution should you and your loved ones need real customer service and confidence in a move: [email protected] I GOT YOU!

Service cost: $25000

Move Size: 4 Bedroom Home

Kelly G
Interstate move
from Escondido, California to Bloomington, Illinois

Don’t Use Safe Ship

You will hear things like “Everything is included.” and “Our customer service will help you all the way.” It’s simply not true. As soon as we paid (a king’s ransom) my agent Tim Leni was gone and done. Customer service did not help us on moving day when the company they booked upcharged to wrap furniture. (Moving blankets are included. Guess what? The wrap that holds the blankets on is not.) This company also did not disassemble any furniture as promised, which increased our cubic feet greatly. The movers were too busy on their phones. Safe Ship “helped” at the other end by explaining why we weren’t getting our things for ANOTHER 24 days. Not actual help. Lessons learned: 30-days free storage means consecutive days. 21-days delivery window means business days, but not really, because the DOT gives movers 30 (remember, these are business days), and évidé they are going to take them. Hire your own movers. Rent a U-Haul. Get a pod. Pay the neighbor kid. Anything would be a better choice than letting Safe Ship turn you over to the mercy of a sub par local mover.

Service cost: $20000

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Rashan Jennings
Interstate move
from Dumfries, Virginia to Bluffton, South Carolina


The overall estimate preparation, move consultation, explanation of process and charges, as well as, the customer service was excellent. We were contacted at each stage of the moving process and all staff were friendly and punctual. The moving crew was efficient, careful, and professional in all regards. Easiest long distance move pick up we have experienced with over 4 interstate relocations. Clear communication with customer was key.

Service cost: $6000

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Ana Ryan
Interstate move
from Essex, Vermont to Oyster Bay, New York


Amazing from start to finish. My husband is very pleased with the services provided by Safe Ship Moving. Everyone that we dealt with from the representative from Safe Ship to the foreman's and moving crew, were very courteous, careful ,and punctual with dealing with my families possessions. At first I was very skeptical reading some of the bad reviews posted online. I read about moving scams and i was terrified to trust someone with our families antiques and heirlooms. I spent about 2 weeks before I decided to go against the grain and contact a moving company and it worked out spectacular. The moving crew arrived in the afternoon right after lunch time and it took them less than 3 hours to completely and safely pack all of contents in the household and load the boxes into their truck. I double checked all my fine china, like plates and silverware, there was 0 scratches and no chipped portions on any of my other antiques. Safe Ship promised me a guaranteed delivery date and time, and all of my items were delivered on time. I received all of my items in one delivery in less than one week, they said I should receive everything in 5 business days and it came in 4 regular days. This company definitely surpassed my expectations.

Service cost: $4900

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Juancho Cerrato
Interstate move
from Pawtucket, Rhode Island to Wheeling, West Virginia

seamless interstate move

I have been planning this move for a few months now. I was just waiting for my children to finish school, living in Rhode Island, our state doesn't let kids finish school until the end of June. The last week of June I finally had the opportunity to book a move. We decided to obtain the full service move package. This is my first time moving out of state and we all know that it is challenging but Safe Ship made it a nice and smooth transition. The movers arrived on time, and used an very efficient process to quickly wrap and pack all of my household items. I have moved numerous times with this being the first out of state move and booking with this shipping company made this move the easiest by far. The communication throughout the whole process is outstanding , and the movers did an amazing job. Moving can be very stressful and they really took the edge off with patiently answering my silly questions.

Service cost: $8900

Move Size: 4+ Bedroom Home

Connor H
Interstate move
from Nashville, Tennessee to Houston, Texas


Absolutely terrible. Not a single thing went right and they treated our furniture like garbage. The communication was miserable. The estimate vs actual was unclear and misrepresented. I was extremely uncomfortable throughout the move. I would looks elsewhere. Literally anywhere else could be better.

Service cost: $9000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Jessica spinella
Interstate move
from 91784, California to Melissa, Texas


THE WORST COMPANY EVER. Fraudulent sales tactics, horrible communication and follow through. Truly the very worst. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY they WILL RIP YOU OFF. Currently pursuing arbitration. They will promise you that everything is covered in the quote- it is not. Went from a quoted worst case of $8k to $12k day of the move. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

Service cost: $12500

Move Size: 4 Bedroom Home

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