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Peter Guth
Interstate move
from Lexington, Kentucky to Maineville, Ohio

Bad Customer Service Experience

The only reason this isn't 1 star is because I didn't end up using them - because the customer service I got was so bad. After being given a ball park estimate, I was told that I should not go with other services because they were going to "low-ball me". Then this person followed up later in the day to ask what I was thinking - after I had received many other estimates that were all lower than theirs. After I told him that their price was too high - not even in the ball park of other estimates, he got mad and hung up on me in the middle of me speaking. I felt very pressured, lied to, and ultimately very glad that I didn't use their services. I hope their actual services are better than how they treat their customers.

Service cost: $13000

Move Size: 4+ Bedroom Home

Tahsin Hasan
Interstate move
from Santa Cruz, California to Johnston, Rhode Island

Not a good service.

They are brokers and hired a very unprofessional company to get the job done. At first, they delayed the delivery and did not contact with us. When we called, they said there was an accident involved with the shipment. They told they will let us know what is the damage is. Never heard anything before the delivery. On the delivery day, I paid the full

Service cost: $5000

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

jenn a
Interstate move
from San antonio, Texas to richmond, Virginia

Mixed review...

I have a mixed review for Safe Ship: 1) For the most part, Safe Ship is good at keeping communication, which is the main issue that I've had in the past with other moving companies. Tom Keese and especially Gavin O'Malley were extremely helpful and responsive throughout the entire process. However, Wendy (I didn't get her last name) was extremely UNHELPFUL. At pickup, the movers were trying to add extra fees and said they wouldn't begin loading my stuff until I paid these fees, or until I got Safe Ship on the phone to tell them otherwise. I was put on hold for Wendy at customer service. She never picked up, never called me back, and after 1.5 hours of waiting, I caved in and ended up paying the unwarranted fees so they would start moving my stuff. Fun fact, I still to this day have not heard from Wendy. 2) Safe Ship is like most big moving companies in that they contract out to smaller companies. In my case, they contracted out to a company called EF World Transportation. Like I said, EF World Transportation tried to add extra fees and got an attitude with me when I said they were included in my Safe Ship contract. When I was able to get Safe Ship on the phone, it would be sorted out, but like I said, getting Safe Ship on the phone is KEY. If you get someone like Wendy who completely ignores you, good luck. You will get screwed over and be at the mercy of the movers. 3) Be aware of SHUTTLE FEES. This was something that I overlooked in my contract, but I ended up getting charged an extra $375 because EF World Transportation said they didn't want to bring an 18-wheeler to my apartment complex parking lot. So they rented a Uhaul and charged me $375 for it. This is called a "shuttle fee," and it is $300 minimum. 4) Overall, I had an OK experience with Safe Ship. I paid more for Safe Ship over cheaper companies hoping for less headaches/issues, but still ended up with those same headaches/issues. Therefore, I do not know if I will use them again.

Service cost: $3200

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Justin Credible
Interstate move
from Osseo, Minnesota to Glendive, Montana

If I could give negative reviews I WOULD!!!

Do NOT use this company to move your stuff. I was lied to once again mind you, seeing this is the second moving company that has done this exact same deed unto me, by this time from SafeShip one Tom Keese of Florida. I was told how they would handle everything for a certain price and not outsource and what does he do??? He outsources and not only outsources, but does so with Grand American Movers which was a horror movie type joke. First this company Russian owned sent two Russian guys who barely spoke English to move out my stuff from MN to MT. It's a pleasure doing business with people you can only understand verbally so intermittently. Thanks SafeShip. This was mid Nov 2022 mind you. Then comes February of this year when I finally get to move into my house and it got even worse. I had a 63 year old lady there while I was still at work and they sent one Russian guy who refused to drop off till I paid, then once I did, he (solo mind you???) ended up leaving an electric motorized box spring out in the snow because yeah it is heavy which is why I dnd't do it alone. Now the damn thing doesn't work anymore and I have had this since 2009 and it's one of those massaging/adjustable head and feet memory foam beds, so yeah worst possible people they could have possibly outsourced to, Grand "Russian" Movers is more accurate seeing the 63 year old lady at my house at the time said he too was Russian. The two who packed my stuff up were loud and obnoxious only speaking in Russian to each other. This is now tied for the worst moving experience I have ever had. I contacted the solo mover and asked to speak with his supervisor and I was properly ignored. I then used the email given by the movers upon pickup and I was likewise ignored and not responded to again. Quality service indeed by SafeShip no? Just like what this move is tied with, I was shorted product as I am missing quite a few bins of shoes I bought on Ebay. So yes, this is the kind of service you will ACTUALLY get from SafeShip. Outsourced to the cheapest people they can find under whatever rock they found them so that they can maximize the supposed deal you are getting to go through them; NEVER AGAIN. STEER CLEAR OF SAFESHIP MOVERS.

Service cost: $5800

Move Size: Studio

Interstate move
from San Jose, California to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Would Give Zero Stars If I Could

TLDR: Will repeatedly lie to you to get you to sign with their company. Experience will be nothing like you were told. It will cost more and take longer and be filled with more and more lies along the way. Steer clear unless you want piles of stress and to spend way more money than was promised. This is by far the worst moving service I have ever had the displeasure of working with. My partner and I have completed 5 international military moves (in theory, setting the bar for bad moving experiences), but SafeShip has been far worse. It started off well enough. I was contacted immediately after requesting a quote and connected to a local handler, Gavin, who had a great interest in getting me booked on a truck that he had scheduled to arrive in our area a few weeks before our anticipated move. Due to the good price, we agreed on this earlier date. Having moved many times before, we asked many questions. Would we be allowed to ship alcohol? Yes. Did it need to unopened bottles? No - it just needed an actual lid. Would our storage unit down the hall be a problem? Nope. Would there be any extra fees? Nope, long carry, elevator, etc would not apply. Great! We supplied Gavin with an incredibly detailed spreadsheet of our belongings. It listed each item with LxWxH dimensions and what room it was located in. We even included how many hangers were in the closet. Our price was calculated and we made the deposit the same day. Everything seemed great. After that it was impossible to get ahold of Gavin - he rarely answered any of our communications. Since we were due to fly across the country, we wanted some assurance that the movers would arrive when he said they would so that we could book flights. We also wanted information so we could reserve loading/elevator areas on either end of the move. Eventually he assured us that the movers would arrive on the agreed date, so we booked flights for the afternoon of the day after the pack. We were told that we would receive the arrival date of our stuff on the date it was picked up. The move was anticipated to take around 14 days. A week before the move, we get a call from somebody else, who wants us to go through our inventory AGAIN. We detail the exact same items. At this point, this new individual increases the price of our move - despite the highly detailed inventory being EXACTLY THE SAME. He also informs us that no alcohol will ship whatsoever. Yup, all 10+ questions we asked Gavin about alcohol he completely lied about. We get a call before the day of the move telling us that movers will arrive 2pm-5pm, which is a little late. We had detailed to Gavin what would make it easiest for the movers -arriving early and securing the loading bay. Sometime later the arrival timeframe moves to 11am-3pm. Day of the move (Friday) we get a call at 4pm - movers wont be arriving until 5pm-6pm and they want to start in the morning. This is a huge no since we have a cross country flight at 2pm the next day. The time continually slips - apparently they allowed the customer before us to leave while they were packing and he never came back. Why would you allow somebody to leave before paying and signing the paperwork?? The movers don’t arrive until 7:30pm. The man in charge says that this should count as long-carry but he wont charge us for it if we “take care of his guys at the end of the night”. Thank you for yet another lie, Gavin. At the end of the night the price goes up yet again. Shame on me for not checking the truck to see how awful of a job they did at packing it - apparently what they use to calculate cost. Finally with everything packed, he tells us that we will need to call the office on Monday to get an idea of when the truck will arrive across the country. More lies, yay. We call on Monday - the truck is just sitting there, no driver has been assigned. They will text us towards the end of the week when a driver is assigned. They never do. We have to call many times to get an update. The truck does not start traversing the country until 7 days after it was loaded. When it finally has a driver, they tell us on a Friday (7 days post-pack) that arrival will be in 3-5 days and that we will hear from the driver 24 hours prior. This is again, not at all what we were told when we booked. On Monday (10 days post-pack) we get a text that arrival will be in 4-7 days — quite a different story from the 3-5 days we receive THREE DAYS EARLIER. Another week of no contact from the company - despite responding to the text informing us of the 4-7 days. We call several times on Friday (14 days post-pack) for an update. The update - the driver will arrive between Tues and Thurs, aka beyond their last timeframe and now in the 18-20 post-pack days. This company should be ashamed of themselves for how many times they have lied to us - and we don’t even have our stuff yet. Completely awful experience, would recommend this company only to my worst enemy.

Service cost: $10000

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Chicago, Illinois to NYC, New York


Misrepresented and lied about KEY information for my delivery. Upcharged out the ass. Sales person lied on the phone, they avoided my calls when I tried to inquire, and passed me off from cold person to cold person. I finally called the moving company that was responsible for the move and complained, only then did I receive a phone call back. They prey on inexperienced individuals. They are not helpful, very rude, and threaten the legality of everything when you ask simple questions. Horrible Service, Horrible Employee, Horrible Company

Service cost: $4300

Move Size: Studio

Eric Schreiber
Interstate move
from Garland, Texas to Bozeman, Montana

Unprofessional 3rd party moving/Professional Scammer

Safeship is the worst moving company to have ever been around. Their business model lacks is support and care, they are not timely or respectful and the experience my wife and I had was horrendous. Our stuff was picked up on June 24th 2023 and was just dropped off on August 5th 2023. If we wanted any answers it was like jumping through hoops and unprofessional. Boxes and bins were damaged and pieces scuffed and scratched. I would never recommend this company to anyone, even an enemy.

Service cost: $5968

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Boston, Massachusetts to Hugo, Minnesota

Terrible, believe the bad ratings please

The only reason I’m giving a star is because we actually got our stuff within a week and the college students they called up the morning of were really nice guys. Reasons why it was bad - when the movers (Petra Pro Movers) arrived at our place to load, the estimated price they gave us was double what the initial estimate was. Whatever estimation tools were used to determine how much space would be taken up were way off. - when I called safeship to work this out, they said they would be in touch me about adjusting the estimate on the receiving end if we didnt take up the whole truck (and we didnt, I sent a picture). She never called back despite me calling her and safeship multiple times over 2 weeks - when i called safeship about projected date, they said they had no idea and could help no further. So i had to call the movers company myself and basically bypass safeship. That worked - I got someone with Petra Movers who was able to make some calls. - on delivery, the foreman was very rough with our belongings. There was also a bag of clothes that didnt belong to us (how did that happen) and he threw it on the ground multiple times - three pieces of furniture were broken. For one, the foreman jammed a piece back in, said he would come back with wood glue to fix it, never came back. Fortunately, they did reassemble our stuff (though I had to ask them repeatedly), and the other movers were very nice and professional. Would not use again or recommend.

Service cost: $10000

Move Size: 4 Bedroom Home

Paul Wilson
Interstate move
from Draper, Utah to Henrico, Virginia

Misrepresentation of shipping

I moved across country very recently and went with Safe Ship Moving Services. A few things to note are they sold me on a fast 7-21 day shopping with an average of 2 weeks shipping while I'm now being informed that it is actually 7-21 business days. This was a huge letdown and I was sold a lie. They also sourced a packing company that has an average rating of 2.5 stars and was slow as hell they took 3 hours to load a 1 bedroom(I packed the other room in my car) apartment. Safe ship moving also doesn't have a Google page to leave reviews because they are clearly atrocious. I would never go with them again. Please avoid the headache

Service cost: $2700

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from CHURCHTON, Maryland to Waterford, New York

Not the best-

At first they seemed great. Helpful, answered back quickly, but once they got the deposit and assigned a contractor they didn’t much seem to care. Their estimate was off so I had to pay an extra $650 PLUS the contract says 0-7 days for delivery if under 500 but the contractor you get decides so I basically said either do it the date safe ship said or get out of my house. Moved my stuff, unpacked and left all the garbage in my garage didn’t take any of it with them. Asked for a full receipt after… crickets from everyone. Plus no one has even reached out to ask how it went. I am military and they are veteran yet they don’t much care. They do give you a discount for it but hassle that went along with them really you are Better off getting a haul.

Service cost: $7600

Move Size: 4 Bedroom Home

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