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$ 6649
Interstate move average
42% more than market avg.

Kameron Tomes
Interstate move
from 50309, Iowa to 80521, Colorado

Worth it

Safe Ship Moving Quote online. After doing the quote Adam called me back and explained in a professional manner everything I needed to do. Before I signed the contract he went over my inventory and found I had forgotten many items on my list. We made the corrections to avoid all surprises at pick up. Very honest team .. Loved working with Safe Ship moving

Service cost: $3750

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Selina Rubio
Interstate move
from antelope, California to Durham, North Carolina

Thanks again

It was a great experience dealing with Safe Ship Moving. Their staff was all very educated with the moving process and was able to answer all my questions without hesitating and keeping me updated during the whole process. Safe Ship was a great team to work with!

Service cost: $2900

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Local move within Colorado
from Denver to Didn’t move

Didn’t even use them, won’t stop calling

I looked into using this company, now they won’t stop calling and texting me. I’ve asked multiple times for them to stop contacting me, now they are using different numbers. This is harassment. Just because I gave you permission to contact me in the beginning, does not mean you can continue to harass people that looked into using your company. I have about a dozen numbers now that they have texted and called me with. STOP CONTACTING ME!!!

Service cost: $0

Move Size: Partial Move

Linda Arnold
Interstate move
from kennesaw, Georgia to canton, Michigan


I had a good experience with everyone in this company. It was extremely important to me that my china cabinet was taken care of, it was passed down from my grandmother. It made it to my new house in one piece, it was wrapped up perfectly. I am so happy with the service from Safe Ship.

Service cost: $4607

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Rancho, California to Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

Horrible company

Stay away! Run from this company! Bait and switch tactics! They do low estimates and then all the sudden the price was higher. The sales department lies about how long the delivery should take….all the sudden they now say per “x” regs you cant file a claim until “y” days. So in reality the estimated date is another way to bait you in.

Service cost: $9000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Madi Mcauley
Interstate move
from Owatonna, Minnesota to Panama City, Florida

Pricey but Efficient

All in all Safe Ship was great to work with. Customer Service updated me every time I called in as to the progress of my furniture. After my stuff was delivered, I inspected it and had no damaged items. The only bad part about Safe Ship was the price. I guess I would rather pay more to be sure my items are with a good carrier who is getting the job done quickly and safely rather then get my stuff late or damaged just to save a few bucks.

Service cost: $3200

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Scott Kasliner
Interstate move
from San diego, California to Kissimmee, Florida

One star only because zero isnt an option

These guys are SCAMMERS. BEWARE! scheduled my move for $5k. Then they jacked the price, the day before my move, to almost $10k, citing that it was “more stuff than they initially thought”. Fine. Fine. Upsells and bait/switch i can live with. What could be worse? They didnt show up. THREE TIMES. Just lies and misdirections and asking us to wait longer. We spent a total of three full days waiting for movers THAT NEVER CAME. Ended up cancelling (youre damn right we got our money back) and hiring movers on our own, which was cheaper anyway. Seriously stay away from this company.

Service cost: $10000

Move Size: 4+ Bedroom Home

Megan Koslen
Interstate move
from Portland, Oregon to San Diego, California


BEWARE. My items were delivered a week after the day we had decided for delivery. Additional fees added post-quote. Items were damaged or were never delivered at all. MY furniture was scratched and punctured. Boxes were damp/wet. One of my boxes never even arrived. The missing box had precious memorabilia inside that is invaluable and can never be replaced. Communicating with them about the missing box has when worst part. The two women I've spoken with are aggressively rude, lacking any sense of empathy or human decency. They literally couldn't care less. I don't know what makes them so entitled to treat someone with such disrespect, but I know that they were not raised right! Safe Ship and their partnered company Cosmos Van Lines are liars, crooks, thieves, and bad humans. DON'T TRUST THEM WITH YOUR BELONGINGS. I'd rather light my stuff on fire than pay these people 1,000's of dollars to lose and destroy it.

Service cost: $3500

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Local move within Kentucky
from Louisville to Round Rock

Bluffers in the market

All that I would say is Stay away. Dangerous money grabbers. Very tactic team that are trained to bluff you. Lies after lies. Adam Stone (904) 544-8498 Logistics Coordinator. Not sure even the person name is right or not as he never responded. This guys initially talk about others merchants as if showing they are obedient. Don't get into these people words. I lost almost my around lot of my money just because I dealt with these guys. All sales person, manager and other teams are well trained to suck your money.

Service cost: $4700

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Local move within Alabama
from Montgomery to Auburn

Stay away

I was quite dissatisfied with the moving company that was chosen. This firm was completely unprofessional and made my relocation quite difficult. If I hadn't been on a deadline to relocate, I would have instructed them to leave my house. The guy in charge of the move called us the day before and informed us to write the money order out to First Choice Movers; but, when they arrived at our house at 6 p.m., they said they couldn't accept the money order and that they only accepted cash. To get the driver to accept the money, I had to spend approximately two hours phoning back and forth to the firm. The driver then called me a liar, claiming that the owner had told him to give them cash. One of the movers was listening to music on his phone. We've moved many times previously and are familiar with the procedure. The movers lacked inventory paperwork and stickers. We were required to create our own inventory sheet. They were deceptive when the Uhaul was weighted out. They poured petrol in the truck and stayed in it while it was weighed.

Service cost: $5980

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

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