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$ 6147
Interstate move average
37% more than market avg.

ann green
Local move within Alabama
from colorado to bc

rip off

Not trusworthy took my deposit and sold my info to a worst place ever they didnt move me its a Broker will not return my call afterwords I had to get a uhaul to actually move over half my stuff there quote ment nothing not worth the pain. I was told to seek legal advice by other movers

Service cost: $7111930

Move Size: Studio

Interstate move
from Los Angeles, California to Chicago, Illinois


My husband and I were very excited to use this company for our big move across country. When we first spoke with them, they quoted us one price that were were happy with (about $2800) so we moved forward with them and gave them a deposit. The gal Alexis was super kind and friendly. A week or so before our move, they called us to verify our items and we did need to add a few more to the inventory. Therefore causing the estimate to increase to $3900. Another deposit of $750 was required. We were so ready for our move, and it was concerning me a little about the lack of communication. I didn't receive a confirmation that the truck was coming for sure, what time, etc.. Thankfully, they got back to me, I just wish there was a bit more communication. THE DAY OF OUR MOVE, the movers call us to tell us that they are on their way and arrived 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time. They take a look around and said that it's going to cost **another** $3500 in addition to the $3900 that was previously quoted. We felt deceived and the movers were explaining how they are a third party, which we totally understood. But for the estimate to increase from $3900 to $7k+ was QUITE ridiculous. I asked the movers to step out for a minute and I called U-Haul, and they had were able to service us for a very affordable rate for our move across country. We cancelled services with the movers and called All Coast Moving Group to confirm the cancellation, and the girl hung up on me! About an hour later, a guy from All Coast Moving Group calls me to see if there were other options we could do, I told him no thank you and that we already found someone else. He told me that someone else will be calling me for feedback, and I asked them that there was no need. Over the next hour, they kept calling! My husband was very skeptical of this company because of reviews and experiences he had found on reddit. I was confident in them, and unfortunately he was right. We spent more money than needed for our move.

Service cost: $7500

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Katie S
Interstate move
from Traverse City, Michigan to Roy, Utah

For the love of god, Trust the 1 star reviews

This company will steal your money. Everything the 1 star reviews are saying is completely true. Hired them to move our home and upon arrival they tripled the price and said they were charging us for items we were told would not have any extra charges. Told them to leave and had absolutely no resolution from their fake customer service. Please also visit the better business bureau (BBB) and read the reviews there. Please, Please, Please do not hire this company, we were taken for $1,700 and feel lucky they didn't take us for more.

Service cost: $1700

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Jiran Opon
Interstate move
from Carbondale, Pennsylvania to Frewsburg, New York

good job

They did a real good job and I got nothing to complain about with this team because they really just knew how to make this happen with no problems.I had a move from Carbondale PA to Frewsburg New York and I was worried about my things since it was such a long distance move, but they made sure everything made it in one piece!

Service cost: $9800

Move Size: 4 Bedroom Home

Pam Sawika
Interstate move
from Charles Town, West Virginia to Port Haywood, Virginia


they did a fantastic job. Being from a small town in West Virginia I didnt have many options for a long distance move. Luckily I found this team and they were professional and capable of making anything happen. I am so happy I found them and you will be too!

Service cost: $6500

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Myrtle beach, South Carolina

Terrible experience

Very disappointed with the service. The moving group that loaded my items showed up 1 hr later than the 4 hr window I was given and told at the time of pick up that I had too much stuff so I could either pay $1000 more or they could leave it there. I was told my move would take 1-7 days to deliver based on mileage. When I called for updates 5 and 6 days into this 7 day period, I received no response. When I called on day 7 I was told that they should be loading it today and it would be delivered in the next 2 days. This group is unresponsive unless you call angry. And when I finally did get a response they just changed all the information I was given on the original contract saying it was all just an estimate and that even though I was told my items would be moved within 7 days, legally they could take 30, so there was really nothing else I could do.

Service cost: $4000

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Tammy Comstock
Interstate move
from Ceres, California to Fraser, Michigan


In June we were quoted 14 days for our move to get from California to Michigan. We gave a down posit of $750. Our move was scheduled for October 5. The quote we were given got doubled by the time our things got on the truck. The movers that picked up our stuff told us it would be 15 days to get to Michigan with our stuff. Today is November 16 it has been 42 days. Nobody will return our call and tell us where our stuff is this company does not stand by their word . At this point we think they stole all of our stuff and our money. This company used a third-party moving company that will not respond to us.DO NOT USE THIS MOViNG COMANY

Service cost: $5000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Theresa Pich
Interstate move
from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois

Great job

They did an outstanding job with my move and I couldnt be happier with how everything went down. The movers arrived quickly which was a huge bonus in my book because other companies said they couldnt get to me at a minimum of 4 months. This team did really good and I give them 5 stars.

Service cost: $10500

Move Size: 4+ Bedroom Home

Stephen Phip
Interstate move
from Atlanta, Georgia to Fort Mc Coy, Florida

All Coast

All Coast Moving group did a pretty good job and made sure there were no complications along the way. Really glad I hired this team to move my 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house from Atlanta Georgia to Fort McCoy Florida. Ill give them 5 stars because of how smooth this move went.

Service cost: $10200

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Don Patio
Interstate move
from Detroit, Michigan to Chicago, Illinois

Good team

Wonderful job from the folks over at All Coast Moving Group. I cant complain about anything because they were fast and efficient with moving everything and the unloading process was extremely smooth as well. Look no further if you are searching for trusted and verified movers.

Service cost: $8959

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

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