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Tammy Comstock
Interstate move
from Ceres, California to Fraser, Michigan


In June we were quoted 14 days for our move to get from California to Michigan. We gave a down posit of $750. Our move was scheduled for October 5. The quote we were given got doubled by the time our things got on the truck. The movers that picked up our stuff told us it would be 15 days to get to Michigan with our stuff. Today is November 16 it has been 42 days. Nobody will return our call and tell us where our stuff is this company does not stand by their word . At this point we think they stole all of our stuff and our money. This company used a third-party moving company that will not respond to us.DO NOT USE THIS MOViNG COMANY

Service cost: $5000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Theresa Pich
Interstate move
from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois

Great job

They did an outstanding job with my move and I couldnt be happier with how everything went down. The movers arrived quickly which was a huge bonus in my book because other companies said they couldnt get to me at a minimum of 4 months. This team did really good and I give them 5 stars.

Service cost: $10500

Move Size: 4+ Bedroom Home

Stephen Phip
Interstate move
from Atlanta, Georgia to Fort Mc Coy, Florida

All Coast

All Coast Moving group did a pretty good job and made sure there were no complications along the way. Really glad I hired this team to move my 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house from Atlanta Georgia to Fort McCoy Florida. Ill give them 5 stars because of how smooth this move went.

Service cost: $10200

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Don Patio
Interstate move
from Detroit, Michigan to Chicago, Illinois

Good team

Wonderful job from the folks over at All Coast Moving Group. I cant complain about anything because they were fast and efficient with moving everything and the unloading process was extremely smooth as well. Look no further if you are searching for trusted and verified movers.

Service cost: $8959

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from New York, New York to Nashville, Tennessee

Just Pay Anyone Else

This is absolutely outrageous. I was quoted $1,956.01 for my move. This was after I sat on the phone with Jack and gave him the dimensions of all my furniture along with quoting me for 40 boxes; I made it out with 38. The company has so far: 1. Failed to arrive on Thursday as expected 2. Up charge me to almost $4,000 3. The movers had me Venmo $1,460 to the WRONG Venmo per their directions and now asking me to pay another person 4. Jack, my representative, has yet to return any of my calls 5. I spoke to customer service and "a manager was going to call me back within 24 hours" and that was almost a week ago What is actually going on because this is completely unacceptable. Had I known you were just going to under quote me purposefully to get my service I would have NEVER booked with you. The fact that I cannot get in contact with damn near anyone is so unprofessional. I called customer service today and got the rudest person who called me a liar saying that I did not call the day of, completely brushed me off, and said well I can send this to billing and see if they can give you a discount. I had called the day of and the day before and no one got back to me. I have called Jack and left multiple messages and it's obvious why he's avoiding me. The customer service rep on the phone said that they "input my furniture and this is what it came out to". I told him that I gave exact dimensions and that it should have been more accurate and since math doesn't change, I can only assume he's either an idiot, or purposefully gave me a low answer so that I would book with them.

Service cost: $4000

Move Size: Studio

Interstate move
from Vancouver, Washington to Orlando, Florida

Total crap of a company - stay away!

A Total crap company stay away from them. They don't stand behind anything they state on their website! Only a broker that takes your money and hires heap movers that steal and break your things! You will find Ryan in customer service as a total ass!

Service cost: $11000

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Evelyn Beck
Interstate move
from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia to Unionville, Virginia

Good Team Good Prices

Good team good prices no issues from start to finish. The amount of respect they showed me AND my belongings was top tier bar none. Im really glad I hired such a team of professionals because I had many fragile items and I was worried about things making it through the move!

Service cost: $10300

Move Size: 4+ Bedroom Home

Brad Freeman
Interstate move
from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania to Corona, New York

Good job All Coast!

They did a solid job and made sure everything went nice and smooth for me and my family. We were having a tough time with some of the bigger pieces of furniture and decided to call for help. These guys showed up the same day we called and made short work of our problems. They did great!

Service cost: $8450

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Suan C Petrillo
Interstate move
from New Fairfield, Connecticut to Mooresville, North Carolina

They are SCAMMERS!!!

This company is not the movers, they are BROKERS!! They quote you low, take your deposit and they send a moving company that they contract out to your house and they tell you that they cannot do the job for that amount and they triple the price! I am out $728 from them and my stuff is still not moved. Their "customer service" agent is rude, condescending and kept speaking over me. I have posted my story on Facebook and had so many people respond that the same thing happened to them with this company and other moving companies that turned out to be brokers!

Service cost: $6600

Move Size: Partial Move

Suzannae Ford
Interstate move
from Savannah, Georgia to West Palm Beach, Florida

5 star

Wonderful job from All Coast Moving Group. I am extremely please with the service and I love how they were quick to pick up and even faster to deliver. No issues on my end and this whole process was made so easy thanks to this amazing team. Don't pass them up if you are struggling to find qualified pros to take care of you.

Service cost: $7450

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

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