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$ 6193
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44% more than market avg.

Interstate move
from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Seattle, Washington

Illegal Activity by All Coast

This moving broker is hiring fraudulent moving companies that are scamming customers. I hired All Coast to help with my move from NM to WA. They hired a non-existent moving company (that operates out of no known location) to take my items and abandon them in a private residence basement. I had to pay extortionate amount of money in order to receive my items back. All Coast is completely at fault for hiring a fraudulent moving company and refusing to communicate with me during the hostage process. All Coast ignored all contact and refuses to give my deposit back.

Service cost: $996

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Palm Springs, California to Breckenridge, Colorado

Run away from this company

They are a broker, not a moving company. They subcontract out the work to horrible companies - like Sannah Van Lines - and then leave you once their commission is received. Reviews on their own website are all 5 stars...everywhere else are 1-2 stars. Learn from my awful experience...don't choose this comp. Kyle said he would be there from start to finish...Kyle, I am still awaiting your return call to my 4 messages!

Service cost: $8000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Tiffany Alexander
Interstate move
from Clayton, North Carolina to Atlanta, Georgia

Don’t pick this company

I 100% agree with all the negative reviews. The movers were estimated to come from 11 am -3 pm on the day of my move but they now plan to come at 7 pm. My stuff has to move to Georgia and now it won’t come until a day later. They never emphasized that my stuff could come a day or two after it was picked up. I was under the impression it would arrive the same day. When I talked to the manager whose name is Sarah, she made it seem as though everything was my fault. She was rude and incompetent. This company is complete trash. Robert Castro is the owner and I will be reaching out to him. please look at the Better Business Bureau website or for more confirmation that this is a trash company. Due to my job, I’ve moved at least 5 times over the past 5 years and this was the worst company and experience ever

Service cost: $5000

Move Size: 4 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Sea Cliff, New York to Chaska, Minnesota

HORRIBlE experience! Do NOT use!

This company is horrible. They contract out the move to a completely different transpiration company. They underestimate your inventory despite double checking and verifying with quality control and then your inventory the day of the move is allegedly double the amount of cubic feet estimated. We had to pay $2500 more than that the estimate, and they already had a $1400 deposit, so we couldn’t change companies. Our moving coordinator Joshua Green was nowhere to be found the day of the move and conveniently avoided all calls and e-mails. This company truly runs a SCAM. Check their yelp reviews too. Apparently this is what they do. They use bait and switch techniques to rope you in. We’ll be filing a complaint with better business bureau too! Whatever you do, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!

Service cost: $7300

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Cari Chung
Interstate move
from Saint Clair shores, Michigan to Boerne, Texas


This company completely lied to me!!!! They said they worked with mayflower. They said I was guaranteed to have my belongings within 7-10 days. Jim said it would never go to a warehouse and it would be coming straight to our house with other stops a long the way. Said Nothing would ever be broken or damaged and there’s a 10k insurance policy if something were to happen. My items arrived 4.5 weeks after pick up!!!! We called customer service no one would get back and when I finally got through to someone they said sorry you misunderstood mam! Once our belongings arrived half of it was damaged and broken. I had very big expensive pieces happened to just not make it to my home. This company along with who they booked me with Sannah van lines is AWFUL. Please do not ever use them! They made my life a living hell and literally stole our savings this company did not provide the services that he verbally contracted to me over the phone in which they record your conversation and would not even review it!!

Service cost: $6000

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Blake Wolfskill
Interstate move
from East Northport, New York to Conway, South Carolina

Horribly underestimated

When I booked with them we went over an estimate of cost. They gave me for a 3 bedroom apartment it would be around 3k. The week of the move, we went over a final tally. I added a number of boxes, they charged me an extra 750. On the day of the move, they loaded up furniture, never got to our kitchen table or a SINGLE box we had, and told me it would be 7500. If we wanted the boxes it would be nearly 10k. I would NOT have used the service if I knew it was gonna be that much. Insane. The movers were good, so if you have a lot of disposable income they could be useful, but if you're on a budget be ready to be bankrupted.

Service cost: $10000

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Saginaw, Michigan to San Antonio, Texas

HEED THE WARNINGS! They are a scam group!

***AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!*** This company for one is just a broker company, they don't do any of the actual moving themselves. The contract out to other moving companies which they claim that the vet to the moving. I wouldn't say they do an adequate job in the least. First off we were quoted $8k for a move from Michigan to Texas, cool. Once the moving company they hired arrived, Hello Moving USA, on moving day they now claimed that there was more boxes and obstacles which increased the total price to $16k which is ridiculous but we didn't have much of an option. They also claimed they only would take a Money Order as payment, which was the 70% of the total price. When we asked if we could wire the money as that would be easier than doing 12 separate checks for Money Orders given the limit was $500 per Money Order we were told we could. When we tried to get the information on how to do this we were told it would be sent in e-mail which we never got. They were incredibly unprofessional and snarky. Our bank recommended we don't transfer them the money because the company seemed sketchy. We attempted to pay them to move our household goods back but then were threatened that they would keep our belonging unless we pay the full amount up front. We had to call the police to interject which they couldn't do much since this was a civil matter. Once the company caught wind of that they refused to load any more and we lost out on our remaining move and had to pay the $6k to proceed with what was already loaded. All Coast on the other hand DID NOTHING TO HELP! In fact they more so defended the company they hired as having "credentials". Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for your moving needs.

Service cost: $16000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Luke Sly
Interstate move
from El Paso, Texas to Columbus, Georgia


This is the first time I have ever written a negative review before. This company is horrible. They contract out your move to another company but then never follow up with them or give you contact info for that moving company. I called them repeatedly asking for delivery updates and it turns out that my stuff was ready to be moved the whole time but they never called the mover.

Service cost: $3000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Denton Hamilton
Interstate move
from Manhattan, Kansas to Ozark, Arkansas


I hired All Coast Moving group to move my personal belongings 6 hours away to my new house they instead brokered my contract to a scam moving company thays only been around for a year called Blue Diamond Movers in kansas city Missouri, it has been 3 weeks and my girlfriend and I still have not received our personal belongings cause the company Allcoast hired without my consent and after taking my money has been illegally withholding my property and is refusing to give back still to this day....I am not at wits end ti having to get an attorney to sue Allcoast and Blue diamond movers to making this such a dreadful and awful experience.

Service cost: $1800

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Tyler S
Local move within California
from berkeley to mission viejo

Deceptive and unethical

My encounter with this moving BROKER was nothing short of a disaster. To add insult to injury, they manipulated their contract terms to deny me the refund I was rightfully entitled to. I want to emphasize this warning to others, shedding light on their predatory tactics and lack of accountability. After a family emergency, I decided to cancel my move within the three-day window permitted by their contract for a full refund. I canceled, by email, within the three-day period allotted in their contract. However, after more than a week of failing to hear back from All Coast Moving, I repeatedly called the company. (Note that their customer service largely gets routed to a call center that cannot assist you, but will take notes on your complaint and send it to customer service). After finally getting hold of customer service, I was first told that I only “paused” my move/put my move “on hold” – I did no such thing, and referred customer service to the email I sent. The customer service representative stated “oh I see your email, you should be eligible for refund, I will have the billing department email you.” Did I receive an email or contact from billing? No. And this is where things get worse… To my disbelief, All Coast Moving next claimed that I had cancelled a contract set for 10 days of the first pickup date, rendering me ineligible for any refund. I signed up on July 10th and the first pickup date was scheduled for July 24th. The timeline they provided was suspiciously crafted to ensure I fell outside the refund eligibility period. I had signed up for their services on July 10th, and the first pickup date was scheduled for July 24th, precisely 10 business days later. This conveniently aligned with their claim that my cancellation occurred within 10 business days, allowing them to withhold my deposit without any recourse. It became painfully apparent that this company preys on the anxiety and uncertainty of would-be movers, using deceptive practices to protect their interests at the expense of their customers. They deliberately create an illusion of transparency during the signing process, only to later invoke hidden clauses and manipulative timelines to their advantage. This entire experience has left me feeling taken advantage of and utterly disillusioned. Their blatant disregard for customer satisfaction and ethical business practices is abhorrent and should serve as a warning to anyone considering engaging their services. I strongly advise against dealing with this deceitful moving broker. They exploit loopholes in their contract to deny rightful refunds and actively avoid accountability for their subpar services. It is essential to be cautious and vigilant when choosing a moving company – and one should NEVER use a moving broker… see a comments below –I hope my review helps others steer clear of falling into the same trap. Trustworthy moving companies do exist; All Coast Moving is not one of them.

Service cost: $2000

Move Size: Studio

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