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$ 4003
Interstate move average
23% more than market avg.

Interstate move
from San Diego, California to Bend, Oregon

This company could be a tear off

I canceled my move within the required time to urge a discount. They said it would take 9-12 commerce days. I have called them twice almost this, and they say the funds have been sent out. It is presently trading day #16 and still NO Cash. Don't do trade with these individuals unless you need to urge tore off.

Service cost: $6250

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Local move within California
from San Francisco to San Bruno

Poor service

Worst moving experience of my life. Arrived around 8:30 p.m. despite being scheduled for 4 a.m. They were impolite and rude, some boxes were missing when the movers pick up my belongings, they failed to deliver an item and will not replace it. This will cost me $800.00. Do not use these scumbags.

Service cost: $3800

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Local move within New York
from NY to NY


My relocation was a complete fiasco, owing mostly to the fact that the movers did not arrive during the pre-assigned time and contact with the firm was non-existent. Due to mobility limitations, there was a limited window within which I may move: 1-4p. In the week before the relocation, I spoke with dispatch and my move coordinator, and both informed me that movers would arrive at 1 p.m. on the day of the move. That did not occur. When I contacted at 1:30p, not knowing where the movers were, I was assured that they were "downtown, on their way, and will be there in 20-30 minutes." That did not occur. When I phoned again about 2:30 p.m., I was told that they were still downtown but would be there by 3 p.m. That did not occur. When they still hadn't arrived by 3 p.m., I called again and was sent to voicemail. I tried several times but was unable to locate anyone who might shed any light on the problem. At this point, it appeared as if they were filtering my calls to prevent releasing any information. Finally, around 3 p, a crew arrived, leaving less than an hour for a relocation. As it turned out, this was not enough time, and I was forced to negotiate with my landlords for the use of the elevators in order to finish the relocation. To begin with, moving is a difficult event. AAA Moving Group ruined the experience. We recognize that movers sometimes be late and that certain circumstances are beyond anyone's control. The underlying assumption, though, is that there should be honest communication rather than falsehoods or an inability to reach someone. This encounter was a total flop. It is not acceptable. The icing on the cake was that they tried to offer me a 10% refund in order for me to remain quiet about the horrible dreadful experience! I'm sorry I used this firm; please don't make the same mistake I made.

Service cost: $1100

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Denver, Colorado to Sedona, Arizona

Worst company ever!

This is the worst corporation in the world. Save yourself the trouble and pay extra with another firm. Until you sign the contract, it's just talking. I still haven't gotten my goods, and it's been a series of problems. The Colorado-based corporation they work with is just as awful. My price increased upon pickup, and I know my items did not double; yeah, I'm sure they were more than I stated, but not double. My original contract was signed in early, and my items were supposed to be picked up and delivered by the end of the month. My original contract was signed, and my items were supposed to be picked up and delivered by the end of the month, all my belongings have been picked up but are being stored in a storage trailer at AAA Moving Group since they can't get a truck to carry them. Spend the additional money to work with a firm that is dependable, honest, and cares about your pleasure. I'm going through a divorce and battling with cancer, and they assured me that this move would be easy because I needed something to go right. Choosing this dishonest, untrustworthy fraud of a firm was the worst mistake I've ever made... avoid it at all costs.

Service cost: $3000

Move Size: Studio

Interstate move
from Martinsburg, West Virginia to Carson, Nevada

Terrible move

Throughout the process, I spoke with them. They guaranteed they weren't brokers and even said it was a family company run by his father. The truck did not arrive on the appointed day and was still late on the second day. It was a classic bait and switch. They verified my item list, and the price went up by almost $800.00. I was given a quote that was far wrong on square footage, he said. AAA Moving Group is the firm to whom my things were subcontracted. Do you pay the extra or start again after you've arranged all of your arrangements around a pickup and relocation date? My item list was correct, yet the business still overlooked items that should have been taken. Customer support is non-existent at AAA Moving Group. It's been a nightmare, and I still haven't received my delivery. Avoid using AAA Moving Group since they are merely a broker and AAA MG has no customer care or assistance.

Service cost: $5000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Denver, Colorado to Austin, Texas

Worst service ever

AAA Moving Group ruined my relocation by canceling the "load" after EVERYTHING - all information - was confirmed. Then they didn't bother showing up to unload in the new city, which was close to their "headquarters." They are providing NO ASSISTANCE. Managers do not take phone calls, according to a Service Expert.  They demanded outrageous fees for doing nothing at all. Be warned: if you don't want a bad move, don't utilize this company.

Service cost: $600

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Jerry Lyons
Interstate move
from West Des Moines, Iowa to Lake Charles, Louisiana

Long but good move

Moving is stressful but hiring the right company for it makes it so much easier. They were punctual, careful, and responsible, I couldn't ask for more!

Service cost: $6000

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Gabe Redel
Local move within Maryland
from Dundalk to Bethesda


They destroyed my belongings and disappeared! I can't explain how everything they delivered was broken, a table split in half, furniture damaged, items that looked like they had been hit with a hammer. They are criminals who break your things and charge a commission for it.

Service cost: $3500

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Olympia Miles
Interstate move
from Ajo, Arizona to Laurel, Maryland

Unprofessional & Bad Service

They forgot to include my vehicle in the quote, and when I called they laughed at me. I asked to speak to the supervisor and they included my vehicle on the pickup list and of course, they charged me much more money. Things didn't arrive on schedule and they provided lousy service.

Service cost: $1200

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Lillian Roberts
Interstate move
from Ralls, Texas to Wachapreague, Virginia

Highly recommend these guys

Everything was excellent. The move was quick and smooth, and they took care of our things as if they were theirs. At no time did they try to take advantage of me, I recommend them.

Service cost: $3300

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

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