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$ 7526
Interstate move average
58% more than market avg.

Angela Taylor
Interstate move
from Eugene, Oregon to Fort Worth, Texas

Buyer Beware

Think three times before you go with this company, because that is how much my price increased. THREE TIMES. I've never felt so taken advantage of in my entire life. I had a few more items but not 3 times the items. I've moved with all sorts of companies in the past but this BROKER is a whole new level of unprofessional. Run away.

Service cost: $12500

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Oakland, California to Naples, Florida


These thieves quoted one price and then phoned me three days before the scheduled move to tell me that it would be an additional $1,400 for my items. Nothing in my list of products to be shipped has changed from the initial quote. On a Friday, he called after business hours, so I couldn't speak with him. I'm also observing that for every negative review, two or three positive reviews with five stars appear. That is something I am also questioning. I've filed complaints with the Florida Attorney General's office and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They profit by under-quoting but giving a credible price and keeping your deposit.

Service cost: $3800

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Dubuque, Iowa to Charlotte, North Carolina

I am quite dissatisfied with the process.

We were given a three-day window, and the movers would contact us one day before the relocation. What do they anticipate? Pack everything and wait three days for their call? When the guy first called, he said they would move our house on the day we asked. Our initial contract states that we will be moving on that specific day. We had purchased plane tickets for the entire family. However, the amended contract now includes a 3-day window time. When we contacted today, we were told that the movers would only call the day before and not any sooner. How can they not be able to choose who their moving partners are? Moving is a difficult process that requires careful planning on the part of families. They refused to tell us when the movers would contact us.

Service cost: $8150

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from El paso, Texas to Denver, Colorado

Frauds – a total swindle

A $671 deposit was made. They gave me a three-day timeframe during which the movers would contact me when they were on their way. I never received a call throughout that time period. After reading the reviews, I made the decision to cancel. As a result, I contacted the cancellation department. They informed me I couldn't cancel because I was still within the delivery window, but that if I phoned back the next day, I could and get a refund. I just had one day left out of the five you have to wait. They were correct after reviewing the information. I phoned Jake from cancellation the next day to cancel and obtain my refund; he informed me he had already canceled the project and that I would not receive a refund because I canceled early. But I never cancelled or informed him that I was going to cancel. It would be foolish to do so when all I had to do was wait a day and call him back... It's the largest con operation imaginable. With the agreement that you sign being completely false. A very low blow. I hope the $671 was worthwhile. I'm not concerned about legal fees; I'll file in small claims court just to give the con artists a hard time. Under no circumstances should you employ this company; they are dishonest.

Service cost: $890

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Scranton, Pennsylvania to Boulder, Colorado


From the top down, everyone we spoke with gave us what we wanted to hear in order to close the deal. PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE SAME ERROR WE DID! Our initial estimate was $2300, but it quickly increased to $2,900. The entire amount on the day of the transfer would have been $4,500! Do you think that's a big leap? The next issue we had was that the truck conveniently broke down out of state on the day it was meant to arrive at our place. This conveniently put the new pickup date outside of the 10-day cancellation period, resulting in the loss of our money. From this point until the truck's arrival date, there were frequent long wait times for customer support, only to acquire further information about the truck. In fact, until we spoke with sales, we didn't even know the date of the move or the name of the moving firm from United Nation. The truck's next pick-up date has been shifted to a Sunday, with a 10 a.m. start time. This became a moving target until the driver finally arrived at our house at 5 p.m. (which was not close to any of the earlier times that had been given to us). After loading everything, the driver told us that the total charge for that day would be $1,700, with an additional $1,700 due upon arrival at our final destination. This is in addition to the $1,000 deposit made to secure the reservation. Customer service kept making excuses and telling us that they couldn't talk to the dispatchers about our transfer. The sales representatives were the smoothest talkers I've ever encountered... they should be nominated  for their performance and methods! They also never responded to my emails when I asked for assistance (despite the fact that they promised to be there for us throughout the process), and their phone's voicemail was always full, and couldn't receive any more messages. PLEASE FIND A DIFFERENT COMPANY IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A RELIABLE, HONEST, AND TRUSTWORTHY COMPANY! YOU DO NOT WANT TO USE THIS ONE!

Service cost: $1450

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to San Diego, California

They are a shady group.

I was duped. They didn't bother informing me that the container had been severely damaged during shipment. I didn't find out until I had it delivered that it had gone into storage. The contents were a tangle (my hypothesis is that the rig toppled or the container was dropped by the storage crane), and many items were damaged or destroyed. The cage doors were severely misaligned and would not budge, so the delivery driver had to wrench them open. I filled out their claim form and received no response. I've written them a dozen emails over the course of a few months and have yet to receive a response. I phoned their number, but they said it was exclusively for sales and that the only way to contact them was via email. 

Service cost: $5500

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Local move within California
from San Francisco to San Bruno

Worst transportation business on the entire world

I have never encountered a corporation that lacks any type of control or communication from top to bottom as badly as this one. Make a good decision for yourself. Never do business with these people. United Nation Van Lines and pack Rats are completely inept and give no customer service. It's so awful that they can't tell if they're delivering an empty pod or picking up a full one. I could go on, but our experience with them and their delays has been inexcusable. This firm should be avoided. Their North Carolina contact center is actually full of folks who don't know what day of the week it is. That's how horrible it is. If the stars above permitted it, I would give them a bad review.

Service cost: $2850

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Detroit, Michigan to Trenton, New Jersey

Nice move

The most essential aspect of United Nation Van Lines business is that the pricing is somewhat lower than that of other movers. I looked at other moving firms, but these movers made it simple for us by offering us a wonderful bargain. They are my preferred movers. I would hire these movers again in the future and suggest them to everyone.

Service cost: $4410

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Spokane, Washington D.C. to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


They are a sham. Do not use them. To cut a long story short, they showed up for pick up with no help and charged me an extra 6,000$ despite the fact that I had given them an accurate count. Arrived 2 months late for delivery with no help to unload, so my husband and son had to do everything ourselves. The strangers who came all night because they posted for help unloading a truck on Craigslist were the icing on the cake. Use someone else to save yourself the trouble.

Service cost: $18250

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Aspen, Colorado to Roanoke, Virginia

My items got lost

My daughter and her husband were duped by this firm. My son-in-law is in the military and will be deployed in a few days. He has been compelled to purchase back everything he needs before departure. That is not inexpensive. My daughter and her 8-month-old baby are sitting in their new house, which has no furniture and only a suitcase of clothes. The dispatcher lied about the delivery date several times and continues to modify it, stating it will now be another 30 days. When we ask where the furniture is so we can travel back and rent a Uhaul to transfer it ourselves across the nation, they can't tell us. They have either lost, stolen, or destroyed everything these two young individuals own, and they are quite cold about it while refusing to reveal the truth. On top of that, they are being charged more than $10,000. This is a gang of traveling robbers.

Service cost: $11300

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Licenses & Certificates:

Companies that transport household goods like United Nation Van Lines have to register annually with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The Bureau of Compliance is the responsible regulatory authority that manages intrastate movers. Movers should be registered with the FMCSA to operate interstate.

ICC MC number: 0
USDOT: 697249