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Jerome French
Interstate move
from FL, Florida to TX, Texas

Great moving communication

A good customer care service can really make or break a company. I have hired several moving companies before and while they did have capable movers, their customer services were terrible. I think the theory is that if the movers do a good job, why do you even need customer services? In reality, when you have to entrust strangers with your valuables, a good customer care service really helps. I think Jackson movers has an amazing customer service. I hired them for my move last month. The woman on the phone was very experienced. She explained to me about all their packages, took time listening to my requirements and then called me back with a brilliant quote. They confirmed the arrival time for the movers through emails. The movers were very efficient, but most companies have them.

Service cost: $2860

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Bryan Hubbard
Interstate move
from FL, Florida to TX, Texas

Call them

If you are reading this review then it means you are looking for a reliable, affordable moving company to manage your upcoming move. The good news is – you are at the right place. Jackson movers is a very good moving company. I just moved with this company and they were awesome from the start to finish. Everything went as planned and smoothly. So, do not wait and call them for your moving needs.

Service cost: $3150

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Trevor Greene
Interstate move
from AL, Alabama to FL, Florida

They helped me even during a rush

Although I had been contacting the moving companies for months, no one could find me a vacant slot. My apartment was already rented out and if I couldn’t find a moving company, I would have become homeless. After calling so many companies, finally Jackson movers called me back and gave me a very early morning slot. I’m not an early riser but I took the slot immediately. Their men arrived right on the scheduled time, 7:30 am. I hadn’t packed anything the night before. Anyways, the movers took on the job of packing literally everything. Thank God for these guys because I had too meant of a hangover to help them with anything at all. They finished with all the packing and loading quickly and I was very impressed with their quality of work. Two days later, my things turned up in perfect condition. I’m grateful to these guys beyond words.

Service cost: $2980

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Lonnie Peters
Interstate move
from FL, Florida to GA, Georgia

I have to thank them

It was my first move, also across the USA. It was simply daunting because I had to start all over. Anyway, I hired Jackson movers because of the amazing reviews I have read about them and they could fit me into a very busy weekend. The crew arrived on time and started working. They packed everything with amazing skills and creativity. No detail was spared and they were very thorough. My breakables were given extra attention. The best thing about these four men was how friendly they were. They were always smiling, even when they were carrying my huge couch. This move was supposed to be a nightmare but these movers turned it into a really nice memory. They delivered on time too. They didn’t overcharge me and I can’t thank them enough for it.

Service cost: $2670

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Lee Harrington
Interstate move
from FL, Florida to GA, Georgia

They caused no issues

Having to move at the end of the month is a complete chaos. I called so many different moving companies and no one could accommodate me. Finally, Jackson movers called me back, who I had called 40 minutes earlier to no avail, and said that they had a free slot in the late afternoon. I took it without even caring how much it was going to cost me. The movers were absolutely fantastic. They packed everything very carefully and loaded everything neatly onto the vans. My belongings arrived safely on the first day of the new month and I was just so relieved. The best part was the price. They could have easily charged me as much as they wanted given my situation but they charged me very fairly. It’s good to see such professionalism still exists.

Service cost: $2760

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Preston Gardner
Interstate move
from FL, Florida to TX, Texas

Expert movers

I know the exact kind of moving company I was looking for. It’s very necessary to find a moving company that understands your needs and takes really good care of your valuables. I hired Jackson Movers for my last move and they delivered exactly what I was hoping for. They told me at first that the crew might be a little late. I was a little hesitant at first. But the crew arrived right on time. They were so efficient and always helpful. They managed to pack all my belongings and get out of my old house very quickly. The delivery was made on time and nothing suffered any damage. I’m so happy.

Service cost: $2750

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Paul Valdez
Interstate move
from FL, Florida to GA, Georgia

Excellent moving company

It is possible to win a move on your own quite easily. That statement isn’t true if you are moving cross-country. Hence, I hired Jackson movers which is an absolute expert at long distance relocation. But it was an end of the month move and they were heavily booked. After calling them again and again, I finally got a slot that was left open at the last minute. I certainly understand now why this company is so popular. They were literally on top of everything the whole time. They were punctual, efficient and reliable. It was just a very satisfying relocation. I would definitely hire them again.

Service cost: $2760

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Aaron Robbins
Interstate move
from FL, Florida to TX, Texas

Safely delivered

We looked quite rigorously online to find the moving company that would suit us. Jackson movers was highly regarded by a lot of people as a very efficient moving company. So we decided to hire them. Their quote seemed reasonable and the customer service was helpful enough. The four movers arrived right on the clock. They were well equipped and they packed all my valuables very quickly. The loading process was completed really fast as well. They delivered everything on time and our valuables traveled very well. Our research did pay off since these guys performed excellently.

Service cost: $2930

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Chris Stewart
Interstate move
from AL, Alabama to FL, Florida

They are made for this job

My job doesn’t pay me well enough to buy new furniture after relocating. I just had to bring what I had with me when I was relocating. The company which helped make this possible was Jackson Movers. They took very good care of my furniture while transporting them over such a long distance. Not one piece suffered any kind of damage. These movers were so experienced and it seemed like they were made for this job!

Service cost: $3780

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Dallas, California to Dallas, Texas

H orrendous Experience with Jackson Movers: A Cautionary Tale

I recently had the misfortune of entrusting my move to Jackson Movers, and it turned out to be a nightmare from start to finish. Despite their initial promises of professionalism and care, the reality was far from it. Upon the arrival of my items, it was immediately evident that something had gone terribly wrong. My belongings were not just damaged; they were downright shattered and ruined. My TV, dresser, steamer, and more fell victim to their careless handling. What's even more infuriating is their lack of accountability and responsiveness. Despite reaching out multiple times, I have yet to receive any semblance of assistance from their claims department. Their excuse of using a third party to handle claims is not only unacceptable but also reflects a blatant disregard for customer satisfaction. To add insult to injury, they were quick to charge me additional fees during drop-off, yet incapable of addressing the havoc they wreaked on my possessions. It's evident that their priorities lie in extracting money rather than providing the basic level of service one would expect from a reputable moving company. Regrettably, my decision to book through One Source Van Lines, who apparently subcontracted Jackson Movers, only compounded the issue. The lesson learned here is clear: steer clear of Jackson Movers at all costs. Their indifference towards customers and their belongings is nothing short of appalling. In hindsight, I would gladly pay double the amount to avoid the ordeal I endured with Jackson Movers. Spare yourself the anguish and seek out a moving company that values professionalism and respects your possessions. Trust me, the peace of mind is worth every penny.

Service cost: $3000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

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