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Troyan Smith
Interstate move
from Denver, Colorado to Lake Charles, Louisiana

Thanks for everything!

Our local relocation was canceled by a different moving company since their truck broke down and they weren't sure whether they could make it to our house. I contacted my cousin, who recommended this firm that assisted him with a last-minute move. I called them, and they scheduled the move for the next day. Everything happens for a reason, I suppose, because this company's workforce was great. They were courteous and considerate. I appreciate everything they've done for me and my family.

Service cost: $4000

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Adrian Lee
Interstate move
from Elgin, Illinois to Warren, Michigan

Smooth move

This is one relocation that I felt comfortable throughout the process and afterwards, and it's all thanks to the efficiency of the movers I hired. Whitaker and Sons' employees are qualified professionals. I don't have any other choice when it comes to relocating. I used to believe that moving is difficult in any situation, but I was mistaken. From personal experience, I've discovered that the level of stress associated with any relocation is determined by the moving company you choose. Your transfers would be smoothly if you used a reliable moving company like Whitaker and Sons.

Service cost: $2100

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from GA, Georgia to NY, New York

Don't use it.

This firm should never be used. They are nothing more than crooks. They should be investigated by the BBB and FMSCA, as well as the Florida Attorney General's Office. It's impossible that my experience was unique. From the top down to the hustlers who answer the phone, everything about their business is shady. Your furniture will be stolen, your things will be destroyed, and your home will be damaged. They will not respond to a request for information. If anyone has any doubts about the review's legitimacy, I can gladly offer proof of service with these thieves.

Service cost: $7150

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Peoria, Illinois to Boulder, Colorado


I arranged for a relocation with them to be delivered on the day I arrived in our new state. Move from Illinois to Colorado. I also paid. We find out after we move that our belongings would not be delivered for another three weeks, and they demand additional money to acquire them immediately. They've been contacted, but they couldn't care less and won't do anything to help. Awful company with even worse leadership. Be cautious and read reviews.

Service cost: $3000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Denver, Colorado to Detroit, Michigan

Relocating company

Please avoid using this moving company. You will be deeply sad. I just witnessed a train accident involving my sister's move. If you use this firm, insurance companies will not insure your property. There will be no refunds and no talks. Once they get your deposit, the firm staff will treat you poorly, hang up on you, and charge you for items you were unaware of. Seriously, this is a shady organization.

Service cost: $4500

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Local move within New York
from Watertown to Albany

Moving woes

Whitaker and Sonsare used for the second and last time. I like those who are forthright about an issue. A lie of omission occurs when something is not said. The "movers" who set up my bedroom never notified me about the scrape on the bottom of the dresser. He also damaged the cloth beneath the box spring and never notified me about it. Why keep this a secret? BE OUT IN FRONT! You think not telling me is going to cause me to rush around and suggest Whitaker and Sons Consider it again. He was also unable to properly set up the bed. They had trouble reinstalling the drawer when they were setting up my desk. So, what exactly did Mr. Intellect do? He attempted to bend the drawer rails because he believed they needed to be bent. Request assistance from the customer. It is, after all, his desk. Whitaker and Sons were used for the second and last time. I admire folks who are forthright about a situation. Not stating something is a lie by omission. The "movers" who put up my bedroom scraped the bottom of the dresser and never notified me. He also damaged the cloth under the box spring and never notified me. Why should this be hidden? BE UPFRONT! Do you think not telling me would cause me to run and promote Whitaker and Sons? Think again. He was also unable to adequately set up the bed. They had trouble replacing the drawer when they put up my desk. So, what did Mr. Intellect do? He attempted to bend the drawer rails because he believed they required it. Solicit assistance from the consumer. After all, that is his workstation.

Service cost: $1350

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from San Diego, California to Norman, Oklahoma

Awful service

Warning! Never, ever employ a company likeWhitaker and Sons.  My brother just relocated from San Diego to Virginia with Whitaker and Sons. Everything appeared to be great until he relocated. Because my brother is handicapped, he paid an additional fee to have the furniture disassembled and packed. They did not pack the pieces when they dismantled the enormous captain's bed. As a result, when the furniture arrived in VA, the bed couldn't be put together until he paid someone to buy the pieces and assemble them. The second alternative was to wait until the moving company could send someone the next day. Now we'll look at the broken furnishings. The bottom of the dresser had been crushed in, a piece of the end table had been broken off, and the wood had been damaged. Then there are the missing things. One of the boxes was gone. the one housing all of his equipment, such as noise-canceling headphones,  and so on. When we made a claim, they told us that because it wasn't indicated on the delivery, we were out of luck. According to their papers, we have 90 days from the date of delivery. Now here's what they say: "Because we've reached a stalemate on this topic, you may prefer to have a third-party arbitrator evaluate this." This program is offered to you at a cost of $300.00 to have an unbiased third party assess this situation. That is, they ask us to pay $300 in order for our claim to be pursued further. He also paid for a complete replacement.

Service cost: $3500

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Local move within Georgia
from Tybee Island to Macon

Hire them if you want an inexperienced mover.

This man was the absolute worst! He arrived at my house with a bad attitude (very unprofessional) and seemed irritated by the fact that he had to do the work. If you don't want to work, Whitaker and Sons, you need to delete your name from the list. Needless to say, we didn't get along, and I ended up hiring another moving company. I would not suggest these people to my worst enemy.

Service cost: $650

Move Size: Partial Move

Interstate move
from Norcross, Georgia to Austin, Texas

Worst service

Please avoid doing business with this company!! They are completely unprofessional!! Their customer service is terrible! I'm still negotiating with them over a broken item from my delivery. Please keep in mind that delivery was scheduled for August 21st. Even though it's September, I'm still dealing with these people. I've spoken with a few lawyers, and I'm prepared to sue them if they don't handle my claim difficulties.

Service cost: $1200

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from San Francisco, California to Fort Wayne, Indiana

This firm completed the task

We had just constructed a new house and had just moved out of a rental, so I was looking for local movers online and wanted a large respected firm. The relocation coordinator from Whitaker and Sons was excellent. He didn't always have the correct information that I gave him, and I had to repeat a few things, but he was approachable and kind. The entire migration took less time than was anticipated.  in the time frame that they stated, and they received all of our belongings.

Service cost: $3500

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

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