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Address: 7400 Niles Center Road, Skokie IL, 60077
State: Illinois

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$ 4832
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Albert K
Interstate move
from La Crosse, Wisconsin to Slidell, Louisiana

Happy with my move

This company exceeded my expectations. I received a very reasonable estimate. All of my furniture and artwork were carefully packaged and carried into my new home. The staff was very professional and efficient, and they finished the task in less time than expected, saving me some money. They were also very nice when I changed my mind about where to put things several times;). It was a very great move that I would strongly suggest!

Service cost: $3600

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from NY, New York to Jacksonville, Florida


Only 5 of the 60+ boxes were labeled! My spouse and I explicitly discussed the labeling of boxes with the foreman upon his/their arrival. We requested that the boxes be labeled with the rooms in which the things were being packed so that we could find them easily at our new house. We were in the house throughout the procedure in case they had any questions for us. The movers were asking us "where does this go?" with regard to the boxes on the day of the move into our new house, and we had to just tell them to leave it in the living room because NONE of the boxes had labels, resulting in a horrible unorganized mess that required considerably more labor on our part. Boxes arrived shattered, as though they had been flung around recklessly. Our things were utterly disorganized, and the wardrobe boxes were crushed, with clothes merely laying at the bottom, making it impossible to unpack. They removed half of the clothing from one drawer in the master bedroom and finished the box with half of the clothes/items from the guest room dresser. This made no sense and demonstrated our carelessness in packing and moving. This has made the unpacking procedure difficult for us. We could have done a better job on our own! Certainly did not live up to the service or amount we paid for this relocation! We were never notified that there would be an extra cost if the movers had to transport the belongings more than 70 feet from the truck after we confirmed our delivery location. The driver openly stated that we had no choice but to pay him in order for him to release our stuff. We only had a brief window to transfer the stuff in since the association schedules the relocation. In order to get our belongings delivered, we had to pay for unneeded shuttle service as well as additional movers. The driver said we needed more movers since we had too much goods and that it was a "very significant relocation."  accounted for all of these goods before to packing, as well as the foreman on the day of the relocation. We would have anticipated a firm with your reputation to be aware of the number of movers required ahead to delivery. Instead, we were forced to dig deeper into our pockets and pay more. The foreman also informed us on the day of the transfer from New York that we would be receiving an updated estimate because we were transporting less critical goods (couch, clothing, etc..) than previously predicted We have yet to get the email and have been charged the entire amount. We phoned STI Moving several times about our lost stuff, but no one ever returned our calls. This has devolved into a cat and mouse game, which is not how you should handle consumers who entrust their stuff to this organization and spend so much money on their relocation. It's been two weeks since our move, and no one has responded to our calls about missing furniture or belongings. We made a claim a week ago and have yet to hear back from the customer claims manager. This is ridiculous!! We're going to consult our attorneys at this point. I've never had such bad service in my life, especially for the amount of money we paid!!

Service cost: $5500

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from trenton, New Jersey to Austin, Texas

Incredibly impolite

I was looking for STI Moving and Storage online when I accidentally posted my phone number and received a call from someone. This person asks for my address, which I was hesitant to share, then his tone of voice abruptly changes. I told him I could tell him the name of the city where I reside, but he wouldn't stop. I'm asking him to lower his volume, but I think my words didn't reach his ears, so I had to hang up. If this is the experience over the phone, I'm curious how their services would be.

Service cost: $1890

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Lansing, Michigan to Madison, Wisconsin

They stole my furnitures

On the day of the packing, we had a Honda 3000 generator in our garage. We discovered our generator was not in the garage when it was delivered, or a few days later when we began unpacking. I filed claims, and they are refusing them since my son signed the delivery documentation. STI Moving and Storage are to blame for the loss of our $3000 generator.

Service cost: $30000

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Local move within Illinois
from Champaign to Moline

My move

We had a really terrible experience with STI Moving and Storage. Almost everything our salesperson told us was a fraud, and business staff continuously gave us inconsistent and misleading information. Our relocation cost many thousand dollars more than the original estimate, owing to the company's deceptive sales methods and hidden costs. Our furniture arrived several weeks later than expected. The real kicker, though, is that STI Moving and Storage took from us. When our belongings were finally delivered, we were missing the precise goods that would be stolen in a burglary- an expensive bike, a flat-screen television, and so on. We filed an insurance claim in October, but have yet to hear back from them, and we are doubtful that we will ever get compensated. Please do not do business with this firm. We anticipated that any moving business would rip you off in some way, but STI Moving and Storage is a liar and a thief.

Service cost: $6000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Annapolis, Maryland to Jacksonville, Florida

Charging the truck

I performed all of the boxes, products packaging before loading, etc. Used expert moving staff to load the truck, they packed the truck very properly. Slightly over time owing to the volume of products. Some goods moved in the truck on lengthy travel, however, thanks to careful packing nothing was injured or destroyed. Unpacking staff in Florida is extremely well supervised, a pleasure to work with the team. Cost of packaging cost to load and unload the truck.

Service cost: $1500

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to San Diego, California

You people are a joke!!

When it comes to communication and honesty, this firm stinks. Upon delivery, they mixed up my baby's mattress and a few other pricey goods with another move, then told me that it was recovered, but the dispatcher that I was supposed to meet in Tennessee never contacted to let me know where he was, and I kept receiving his voicemail. The firm also has problems replying and returning calls; my child had to sleep on the floor and it still didn't matter. If I could curse, I would since they have made relocating extremely difficult for me, and I am quite irritated!!

Service cost: $1500

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Tampa, Florida to San Francisco, California

Absolutely use these people

I was blown away by the service these guys gave. I got a lot of quotations, but I chose them because I liked the salesperson who answered all of my worries and made me feel at ease throughout the process. The people that arrived on moving day exemplified the company's professionalism by being pleasant and quick, and they helped us a lot loading the vehicle. 

Service cost: $2500

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Newark, New Jersey to Charlotte Mecklenburg County, North Carolina

NJ to NC.

The service was great, the workers performed an excellent job, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. The main guy did an excellent job packing. He knew just how to arrange everything, which saved us a lot of space. My furniture arrived in excellent shape, and the workers were extremely careful when loading it onto the truck and transporting it to my new apartment. I would strongly suggest them to any of my friends. Thank you for performing such an excellent job.

Service cost: $1000

Move Size: Studio

Fran Pleines
Local move within Illinois
from Skokie to Mundelein

Professional service

Everything was great from the beginning to the end. Quotation was reasonable along with good follow-up ahead of time. Day of the day was excellent. Andre had a crew, and they were excellent. Packed it all carefully but efficiently. Cut the time to move in half, but still did everything super cautious. Not a single issue.

Service cost: $800

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

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USDOT: 507359