Continental Moving & Storage, LLC

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Address: 333 Southern Blvd, West Palm Beach FL, 33405
State: Florida

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Average Service Price


$ 5392
Interstate move average
43% more than market avg.

Interstate move
from San Francisco, California to Manchester, New Hampshire

I'm dissatisfied

I'm just giving one star since 0 stars isn't an option. I hired Continental Moving to transport my belongings from California to New Hampshire. My things are still languishing at a warehouse in California 19 days later. They haven't even left the country. When I call National, I am not informed that my products will be delivered even later than expected. I would not suggest this moving company to anyone.

Service cost: $12500

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Naperville, Illinois to Arlington, Texas


When I spoke with them, they quoted me 2200, then when they contacted to confirm, it was 2900, then when they came, it was 4000, and I was told it was up to me how I wanted to acquire the rest of my furniture since the price would be higher if they got all of my furniture, so I had to leave it behind.

Service cost: $4100

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Ryan Dallas
Interstate move
from South Bend, Indiana to Deming, New Mexico

No way, hire another company

We were informed by a high-pressure sales representative that we could cancel and receive a full refund within 72 hours. After that, the sales rep was nearly impossible to reach. After several attempts, we were finally told that we could cancel for a full refund, but only after being put on hold with his supervisor, who basically requested to know why we wanted to cancel. Four days have passed and no refund has been delivered, and their customer support has no record of our refund. You should not do business with them. I intend to file a complaint with Continental Moving & Storage, LLC, and I recommend others to do the same.

Service cost: $3300

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Joshua Berrier
Interstate move
from Jackson, Wyoming to Kalamazoo, Michigan

Truthful company

Moving causes a lot of tension, which is increased if you don't hire the right movers. We are grateful to have discovered this company. They are simple to book and provide you with tracked information. They make ensure that the goods are shipped on time and in good condition. They are really affordable. I had an excellent time. Highly recommended!

Service cost: $3700

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Jonathan Theodore
Interstate move
from Franklin, New Hampshire to Raeford, North Carolina


DO NOT WORK WITH THIS BUSSINES!! Just take a look at the reviews! They are nice until you give them money, and then they are GONE! I was given a delivery date and told, "Oh yeah, we'll have it there by then," but they have simply disappeared for the last week and a half! BRIAN, who claims to be from Massachusetts like me, was calling and being honest (or so I thought) until my deposit was paid and the poof was gone!! This entire process has been a disaster; they lie, scam, steal and abandon you. I now have to move into a home after spending 13 days in a hotel with my children, who begin school next week Without Anything!! This business is bad! Please, save yourself the stress and transfer yourself or find someone else!

Service cost: $2800

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Jason Larson
Interstate move
from Seattle, Washington to Phoenix, Arizona

Do a research!!

This is a broker moving business that is unfamiliar with the laws of the companies with which it works. They don't answer calls, overcharge, and just want your 50% upfront payment to be paid in full, even taking money out of your account without your permission. They were often called a fraud by the companies in which they operate. If you like bad customer service (thanks for the attitude and never returning my calls, Crystal), you'll love this place!!

Service cost: $1860

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Philip Park
Interstate move
from Barrington, New Hampshire to Sacramento, California

Excellent movers

Our moving team arrived 15 minutes early and completed the packing process in 3 hours. I couldn't have asked for a better experience or a more dedicated team of movers to assist me. All my things arrived in perfect condition. Thank you very much for your excellent service, which comes strongly recommended.

Service cost: $7600

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Armando Rendon
Interstate move
from Jamestown, California to Somerset, Ohio

Good Job!!

Continental Moving & Storage, as well as his crew, were awesome. They were careful and precise in how they packed and carried my belongings. They had all of the appropriate equipment and did an outstanding job. I've used other moving companies and never had such a positive experience as I did with Continental Moving & Storage from beginning to end. I completely recommend them.

Service cost: $7280

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Licenses & Certificates:

Companies that transport household goods within Florida like Continental Moving & Storage, LLC have to register annually with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The Bureau of Compliance is the responsible regulatory authority that manages intrastate movers. Movers should be registered with the FMCSA to operate interstate.

ICC MC number: 0
USDOT: 1000667