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$ 4876
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37% more than market avg.

Interstate move
from Buffalo, New York to San Antonio, Texas

There is no refunds.

After reading the five-star ratings, you'll be able to spot all of the false information! They never disclose that the moving business was engaged through US PRO and that US PRO is a broker! They are not BBB accredited, and neither are the firms they recruit! They paid $31,000 for relocation and received $46,000 in damaged/destroyed or missing/stolen belongings from the moving company they hired! Keep your distance! When your items are delivered and you complain, they will not respond to emails or phone calls!

Service cost: $1250

Move Size: Partial Move

Interstate move
from Albany, New York to Naples, Florida

Long-distance relocation from New York to Florida

We chose Always Moving Inc. based on their recommendations and customer service while requesting a quotation after researching numerous businesses. Because my partner is incapacitated, it was critical for me to have a seamless transition. The pick-up and loading in New York went off without a hitch. However, the drop-off was a nightmare. We were told that our belongings would first be transported to Boston before being transferred to another truck, which was a bit perplexing. The truck arrived on schedule, but with just ONE mover, rather than the four men who had done the loading, to complete all of the unloadings by himself. We were assured that everything would be placed in the proper places and that we wouldn't have to do anything. He was putting the boxes wherever he pleased, but that was in between his attempts to get our new neighbors and a lawn maintenance worker to help him for money. He kept requesting I assist him in carrying items. Several times throughout this period, I phoned the moving company, and they instructed me not to do anything, but the guy continued insisting he had to go and needed help. Many of our shipments came utterly shattered, with valuable items crushed beyond repair. Not to mention the harm this individual caused to the wall. They gave me no money and urged me to make a claim. I submitted a claim in October and was only offered a $6.00 payment, essentially arguing that because we packed the boxes, it was not their fault. Carefully loading a truck does not result in ripped, shredded, and caved-in boxes. Needless to say, I would never refer anybody to this firm!

Service cost: $4250

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Albany, New York to Tampa, Florida

Missing furnitures

8 years of my life spent working for everything I possess, and this firm has broken more than 90% of my furniture! More than $20,000 was lost. This firm refuses to accept responsibility for the destruction of my property. They hired a different firm, which claimed to have been in an accident on the way to Florida. The drivers were quite unprofessional when I saw my stuff. They were wearing sandals and smoking hookah. Before they opened the truck and told me that some of my belongings, such as my full glass table, had not arrived since they were entirely damaged, they forced me to sign a document. They opened the truck after I signed this paperwork, and I opened all of my packed boxes to find all of my furniture was water damaged and smashed into pieces. So I'm stuck in Florida with no furniture since this business refuses to compensate me for any of it.

Service cost: $3750

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Davenport, Iowa to Scottsdale, Arizona


DO NOT WORK WITH THESE PEOPLE; they are untrustworthy and unreliable. They just subcontract the work. The ONLY thing they did right was that they arrived on the day we needed them. Gave a complete and detailed list, but when the truck arrived, they charged an additional $3000. It's essentially a hostage scenario with your belongings. The driver arrived by himself, and I had to assist him in loading the vehicle. Any good feedback must be fabricated.

Service cost: $7600

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Mountain View, California to Seattle, Washington

Bad firm will not be recommended.

We just received our damage settlement check! What a plagiarized joke! They claim there was no proof that they destroyed our stuff because they couldn't distinguish what boxes the items came from or who packed them. Because he didn't want to wait there while we opened each box to examine its condition, the guy who delivered the products indicated we had 90 days to file a claim. As a result, we're trapped with this agreement. Why arbitrate when life is so short? Always Moving Inc,  the third-party company they used was ineffective. They accused us of not packing half of our belongings, which our agency had not informed us of. Of course, we did some packing, but we were the ones who had to pay for the move, not Always Moving Inc! Even as they were unloading the vehicle, the two helpers were pals of the driver and had nothing to do with Always Moving Inc. This was not our first relocation; we had previously relocated from Hawaii to Reno, back to Hawaii, to California, and now to Washington State. Always Moving INC was the worst, but you get what you pay for. I'm assuming that all of the positive feedback here is from National workers!

Service cost: $4000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Local move within Illinois
from Peoria to Champaign

Lack tools and limit knowledge

I believed I hired professional movers to carry my belongings into a storage unit I own below from the apartment I moved out of. I liked the boys since they were courteous and respectful. They did not appear to be prepared for the task at hand, and they lacked the knowledge I anticipated of them. They took longer, and I paid by the hour, than they should have because they needed to know more about transporting high-end appliances. They didn't even have straps, which I believe is why my refrigerator was damaged, but they also didn't know how to disassemble the freezer as they should have. I requested for insurance with them to fix it and will have to write another review on how that goes because I have yet to hear from them, despite the fact that it has been almost a week. When the fridge slipped a little down the steps, the stainless was badly scratched and the handle was shattered. But this is why I went with a company that has pros and insurance. I'll be happy if they take care of it. I believe that knowing this was a large heavy appliance job would have made them ensure that these guys had the necessary equipment. They required some of my tools and assistance. In my opinion, the damage could have been mitigated or avoided if they had known how to handle the situation better. I've got the muscle but not the knowledge. Now I'm hoping they'll fix my broken refrigerator and make me a happy customer because I feel like I overpaid for this task. I anticipated the guys to be more knowledgeable in moving items because they were hard workers. I was impressed with the installers who brought them in and expected something similar. As a result, I give them an average rating till I see how they manage my situation.

Service cost: $450

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Augusta, Georgia

Always Moving Inc they are a bad election

Initially, the salesman was really persuasive, but you never spoke with that individual again. Always Moving Inc relocated us? I'll never understand how they got involved. Because the movers' primary language was Spanish, communication was a bit of a challenge. They showed little respect for our items, which was immediately apparent upon their arrival. Items that have been scratched, broken, or dented. They desired rapid payment, but they were also sloppy about it. They misplaced my postal certified money order, and I had to fax them proof. When I submitted my claim, they asked for more information, which I provided, but they still ignored it and declared we owed no compensation!! Unbelievable, and definitely not a firm I would recommend to anyone.

Service cost: $4500

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Newark, New Jersey to Olympia, Washington

Good work

Not only did the duo for our relocation come a few minutes early, but they also promptly loaded and unloaded our goods, we're almost finished within the quoted time frame, and were really polite and professional. If I decide to relocate again, I will be a returning client. 

Service cost: $6000

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Local move within Florida
from Jacksonville to Tampa

Good service

However I was moving within the state, the distance was more than 250 miles, and the thought of doing the move myself terrified me because I despise driving, so I shopped for movers and chose Always Moving Inc based on a friend's recommendation, and I am glad I did because they did a fantastic job moving me and getting it done in the specified timeline so I could start my new job on time. No damages, no headaches, excellent effort, gentlemen!

Service cost: $1660

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Tricia Louis
Interstate move
from Chicago, Illinois to Tampa, Florida

Bad experience

This company picked up my stuff, but it didn't give any visibility when my stuff was going to be delivered. I'm in a limbo to know when things are going to be delivered and the customer service (while friendly) doesn't offer any information. Originally, I chose them because their estimated cost was cheaper than the larger, better-known companies, but at the end of the day, with the lack of clarity on exactly how to estimate my inventory, I probably paid the same as I would with a more reputable company. Please use the real company to move. Moving is not always qualified.

Service cost: $12000

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

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