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Louis Silva

These guys are super professionals! Smooth and no-stress moving! They were cautious with furniture, worked very fast without breaks, and had all the necessary equipment to wrap the furniture up to dis...

Randall Carnahan

The workers were very professional. They even showed me things like missing nuts in the bed frame and that they taped parts of furniture so things wouldn't fall out. They were kind enough to roll out ...

Colby Coger

The three movers arrived ten minutes early and started working immediately. There were no breaks, no pauses, and no cell phone usage. They were incredibly accommodating, very respectful, and compliant...

Richard Bates

The movers showed up promptly and were professional! They were also very friendly and handled everything with great care. The website was also great! They have great rates, and everything was booked o...

Mickey Taylor

Proud American Van Lines did an excellent job with the move. They showed up punctually and explained the move process nicely. They wrapped up everything very efficiently, and the entire process was sm...