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Address: 6319 Colfax Avenue, North Hollywood CA, 91606
State: California
States of operation: California Hawaii
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Peter Walker

A skilled team of movers did an excellent job. They were recommended to me by a coworker, and they have impressed me since I initially contacted them in November for an estimate.  the driver, went ab...

John Smith

Overall, we enjoyed the services of Move Happy-they arrived on time and delivered all their belongings in a great way. There were no overloads or surprises. One comment I have is that sales represent...

Kaleb Smithson

We're looking for a good company for me and my family when I was transferred from Palm Desert to Honolulu. The estimate came from their competitors. The team was very friendly and always on time. T...

Alexander Purdue

My family and I used Move Happy to move from San Diego to San Francisco last week. The team was professional and on time. The cost was decent and I don't have any reservations about the delay in gett...

Kevin Kline

A friend of mine recommended Move Happy. I've decided to move to Denver and be a little closer to my family. I haven't had a lot of stuff, but the moving team has handled my stuff with care. The mo...