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Address: 57 West 57th Street, New York NY, 10019
State: New York

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$ 5156
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Anthony Nelson
Interstate move
from Baltimore, Maryland to Denver, Alabama

Good job

I had a commercial relocation, which means that my company was paying for everything. They did an excellent job of coordinating things with our HR department and obtaining payments directly from them (made my life much easier). When the personnel came, they had mistakenly dispatched two trucks, but once we got past the misunderstanding, everything went smoothly. I was first concerned because I did not select the movers personally; instead, my company did. I didn't have much time to research them, but I was put at ease when the crew went to work and explained how and why they were doing particular things.

Service cost: $6000

Move Size: Commercial Move

Will Davis
Interstate move
from Paducah, Kentucky to Foley, Alabama

Thank you!!

They were really helpful and took a proactive attitude to carefully moving our items. They were courteous and involved us in nice talk while relocating us. Even with the conversation occurring concurrently with the relocation, this was one of my most productive moves ever. They went out of their way to supply more materials for free because none of our boxes had tape. For the quality of work and the quantity of time they put in, the price was fair. They were able to complete the move in 5 hours. 2 hours earlier than expected. I have no doubts in recommending Moving Pros Inc.

Service cost: $2300

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Dianna Lee
Interstate move
from Auburn, Alabama to Destin, Florida

Amazing job

I wanted to share my thoughts on our moving experience a few weeks ago. From the initial contact with the representative to the follow-up phone call to ensure our satisfaction! Everything ran smoothly! We hired movers to ensure that my wife had a wonderful experience and that the relocation process did not cause her any stress! I will always suggest this company to everyone I know who is in the process of relocating! Thank you for assisting us in our move!

Service cost: $3350

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Corey W
Interstate move
from Hagaman, New York to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Good service

I've been moving around quite a bit in my life. Most of the transfers go with some kind of problem for one cause or another. Having use many different major van lines and even some  smaller companies I must admit I'm deeply impressed with how moving pros does their job. These guys are experts. Everything from the customer service to the guys at the house was at the top of their game. I definitely will use them again

Service cost: $5900

Move Size: Partial Move

J Gonzalez
Interstate move
from New Castle, Delaware to Jackson, New Jersey

Really satisfied

The Moving Pros Inc service is completely Fine! I can't believe just how awesome these guys were. Not only did they supply the materials I needed for my transfer, they also managed to move as fast and good as they could. I don't have any complaints! Great job!

Service cost: $6900

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Lucas Whitten
Interstate move
from Farmington, Delaware to Wallington, New Jersey

Efficient company

I really suggest this moving company to you. The guys I was getting on my move were amazing. They worked fast and effectively to get the job done, which I was amazed by, since it took less than two hours to load the U-Haul, drive and unload. The movers took care of my things, managing them, and even offered to set my bed together. If you're looking for "get the work done right" moving company - this is your place. Thank you guys!

Service cost: $8800

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Oakland, California to Indianapolis, Indiana

Lost boxes around the country

They moved around the country and missed more than half of my belongings. Awful customer support, extra charge during the transfer. Totally unanswered after my move was lost. Some of my things ended up in other states and had to be sent back by other customers. The worst encounter I have ever had with the movers.

Service cost: $2000

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Sonora, California to Tampa, Alabama

Worst service

They're not a moving company at all! They're going to store your things for you. I've seen them lying about me time and again. They're going to tell you what you want to hear in order to get your company. They're meant to be shut down, not a company at all. Wouldn't have recommended it to my worst enemy! They're the bullies! They're never going to return phone calls. They never knew where my belongings was in the transfer. They told me that I would be reimbursed for all the mistakes they made, and then never call me back to negotiate the reimbursement. I've always been waiting to hear from them. They're liars and robbers! Please don't use this "company"!! It's the worst! So unprofessional, man! It's an embarrassment to the real moving firms. A lot of our stuff has been broken or destroyed. I contacted the claims department and still haven't heard back from them. If possible, I wouldn't give them any stars. Save your money and move your own things!

Service cost: $6000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

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Companies that transport household goods within New York like Moving Pros Inc have to register annually with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The Bureau of Compliance is the responsible regulatory authority that manages intrastate movers. Movers should be registered with the FMCSA to operate interstate.

ICC MC number: 0
USDOT: 987237