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$ 6666
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23% more than market avg.

Interstate move
from Tampa, Florida to Birmingham, Alabama

Dreadful ordeal and theft!

This company overcharged me for sq. ft. On the truck. Upon delivery, many of my things were missing or broken. I put in a claim ONE YEAR AGO and nothing! Like I haven’t heard from a single person! When you can, the automatic recording continues to repeat the same thing no matter what you press. They charged me thousands and basically stole and destroyed valuable things.

Service cost: $4200

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from San Antonio, Texas to Tupelo, Mississippi

Be aware

You will have the worst moving experience you have ever had. They are thieves. Simple as that. You will NOT be given an in-person estimate. Over the phone, you WILL be given a terrific deal. You will have movers arrive at your home who is not from Moon Star Van Lines, and after doing some investigation, you will discover that they have an F rating with the BBB. The total amount WILL BE MORE THAN THREE TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE THAN WHAT YOU WERE QUOTED OVER THE PHONE. Then, when you try to contact to resolve the situation, no one responds. Emails seeking a call back end up someplace in the abyss. They are aware of what they are doing and are aware that it is incorrect. Follow my advice and choose a trustworthy firm.

Service cost: $7200

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Stephanie Rodrigue
Interstate move
from Boise, Idaho to Elkhart, Indiana

FRUADS!!! not a moving company, they are a booking agent!!!!

The date and time the Moon Star Van Lines agreed on the complete internal packing and relocation of our 2-bedroom apartment at noon on 29 March 2020. The day before they called the team 7 hours late (7 pm new time of arrival). In reply, the moving team would not have sufficient time to pack up and move everything down by 22pm, which is the most recent time that the building has been allowed to move according to the condo rules. The scheduler reassured us that she sent three professional men and that they had no trouble getting all done in three hours. At 7:50 pm we received a call from the camper that they ran late and the moving team couldn't make it until midnight. Since we mentioned several times to Moon Star Van Lines that it is strictly forbidden to use moving elevators at 10 pm, the team knew that moving at midnight would not be possible and that we would have to change schedule. At moon Star Vanline OR Greenway we couldn't take anyone while waiting ... After several calls to reset the movement from Moon Star Van Lines & Greenway, the only time the moving team and lift were available on March 31st 2020. The lift is available until 8:00pm that day, before which the company consents to ship movers. We warn the Moon Star Van Lines & Greenway Moving again that they would have to pick up well before 5:30 pm to finish the process by 8 pm. But we were reassured that the drivers were 3 professionals who couldn't have problems getting all done in 2.5 hours. The movers arrived at 7 pm (1.5 hours late) that night, allowing them with a 2-bedroom apartment only with 1 hour to move everything down the lift. The elevator was reserved for other residents of the building at 8 p.m. and we had to negotiate security to allow us to move on until 10 p.m. We told Moon Star Van Lines & Greenway Moving again that it was strictly forbidden after 10 pm to use moving elevators. By 10 pm, movers were still packed, between 7 pm and 22pm they were warned several times that everything had to be moved at 10 pm. However, they still used the elevators at 10:20pm and we lost our security deposit as a result. A detailed listing of items required to be dismounted and removed in the apartment was provided to Moon Star Van Lines & Greenway Moving that the quote for the service provided reflected the moving of ALL of those items. However several items, including a main part of furniture, were left behind by the movers in the apartment due to the serious delay and the bad scheduling of Moon Star Van Lines & Greenway Moving. The drivers said they had no time to dismantle these items and to reprogram a pick-up the next day. On April 1 , 2020, the company stated that the delivery truck was on its way and that it could not collect the items that were at this stage our only option to claim the value of the goods left behind. These items have therefore been kept in an apartment we are no longer tenants of because the company could not move them with the rest of our properties. In addition to the missing items, the movers damaged several items. Most of the items below were NOT wrapped in the movement and simply cast into the truck without any protective cloth or wrapping paper. We requested your insurance company for $8,900 but it turns out that they are NOT properly insured for damage and losses and offered $100 to pay ...

Service cost: $8600

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Licenses & Certificates:

Companies that transport household goods like Moon Star Van Lines have to register annually with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The Bureau of Compliance is the responsible regulatory authority that manages intrastate movers. Movers should be registered with the FMCSA to operate interstate.

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