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$ 8429
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48% more than market avg.

Addison Parker
Interstate move
from Naples, Florida to Brookhaven, New York

A positive evaluation

Normally, I move but I had a stroke this year, and carrying big boxes was out of the question. Budget Van Lines handled everything for me. Their price was extremely reasonable, and they performed an excellent job.  the people that arrived up, were very nice and professional. I believe that their efforts should be recognized. Budget Van Lines, thank you.

Service cost: $2155

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from MD, Maryland to NY, New York

Salespeople that are pushy!

I called to get a quote, and they were trying to get me to put down a non-refundable first payment. I mentioned that I wanted to hear back on other offers first, and they hung up on me! We will not do business with them since they are unprofessional and overbearing.

Service cost: $3200

Move Size: Studio

Interstate move
from San Francisco, California to Kailua, Hawaii

Avoid them

Budget Van Lines informed me that they transport stuff themselves, and I informed him that I was relocating to Hawaii. Budget Van Lines, on the other hand, arrived to take up my belongings. I didn't have time to do any research on Budget Van Lines before accepting their services. Completely unprofessional, bouncing my boxes down the concrete steps, dropping boxes, and exclaiming, "I didn't do that on purpose!" to which I replied, "I know you didn't, that is the point." They waited three months to deliver my package and lost three boxes, one of which included an electric piano, about which I particularly expressed worry. How can you lose an 8-foot-long box with my name and pickup address is written on it from the previous Budget Van Lines label that was still on the box? After reading BVL evaluations and reflecting on my own experience with them, I am certain that they took my piano. I could have looked up the ratings for Budget Van Lines if I had known it was contracting out, but they were not honest with me, so I missed out. Avoid both of these firms, and make sure to ask your mover which company will be picking up your belongings.

Service cost: $4350

Move Size: Studio

Interstate move
from Destin, Florida to Mobile, Alabama

Do not hire them

This firm overcharged me on truck square footage. Many of my belongings were missing or broken when they arrived. I filed a claim One year ago and got nothing! It's as if I haven't heard from anyone! When you can, the automatic recorder will continue to repeat the same thing regardless of what you press. They charged me hundreds of dollars and essentially stole and destroyed priceless items.

Service cost: $4000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Spokane, Washington to San Diego, California

Poor service

Furniture should not be handled carelessly. I did not utilize the given furniture pads and instead placed the furniture directly on the hand truck, causing scarring to the furniture. They did not handle my belongings with the same care that they would if they were their own. After unloading, two crates were gone. I would not use them again and would not recommend them to anyone. They employ Labor to prepare their work crew. On the front end, one was quite helpful and cautious. The other individual was a slacker. The one compensated for the other's lack of work ethic. On the back end, they worked steadily but carelessly.

Service cost: $600

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Robert Smith
Interstate move
from Los Angeles, California to Austin, Texas

Highly recomended them !

The B52s are the finest! My employment required me to relocate from Sacramento to Dallas. I had to relocate in less than a week! all the way from Austin to my new house and work setting everything up My wife had to deal with them, so I was concerned about the situation until she contacted me. She stated that the men were highly professional and treated our furniture and stuff as if they were their own. Excellent work! I will refer B52 VAN LINES to all of my family and friends.

Service cost: $3000

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Mary Smith
Interstate move
from Madison, Wisconsin to Austin, Texas

Don't trust their quotes.

I obtained a "strict" quote over the phone and agreed to it. I made my deposit. I had difficulty obtaining their "final binding" quote, and then received a phone call from them upping the price by 25% or more. Despite the fact that I supplied an address and ZIP code, they claimed they hadn't "actually realised" where the pick-up location was.

Service cost: $1500

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Grace Baker
Interstate move
from Kansas City, Missouri to Tempe, Arizona

Nice experience

Working with an experienced and comprehensive salesperson who guided me through the full process without missing out on any information taught me a lot about the moving industry. Other firms offered greater costs, but I felt completely at ease with Budget Van Lines, and my relocation was a complete success.

Service cost: $2200

Move Size: 4 Bedroom Home

Peyton Scott
Interstate move
from Orono, Minnesota to Boulder, Colorado

You made my move so easy.

The price was reasonable, and the date was ideal for my relocation. I was worried about doing this without a face-to-face encounter. I'd heard so many terrible stories about moving firms, but my experience was fantastic! Thank you to everyone I've worked with along the road. I will enthusiastically refer you to anyone who requires your services.

Service cost: $1600

Move Size: 1 Bedroom Home

Emily Moore
Interstate move
from Albany, New York to Las Cruces, New Mexico

I've known a lot of moving services!

Throughout the procedure, I was constantly in communication with someone, including the driver's mobile phone. The estimate I received was exactly what I paid, and everything was delivered on budget and in one piece. The financial plan surpassed my expectations from the time I arranged my relocation until I collected my stuff. Everyone was courteous and helpful. They wrapped everything carefully and took care not to damage the home while they loaded everything onto the truck. They were both kind and professional. They are something I would use again and again. Budget is something I would recommend to everyone. I HAD THE BEST MOVING EXPERIENCE EVER!

Service cost: $6300

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

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Companies that transport household goods within California like Budget Van Lines have to register annually with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The Bureau of Compliance is the responsible regulatory authority that manages intrastate movers. Movers should be registered with the FMCSA to operate interstate.

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