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yuva ch

I requested for a quote online and got contacted by a guy called Kevin Cox. First of all they introduce them self as primary movers who own trucks for moving, but that is outright lie. They are just b...

Todae’ Monegan

I had a wonderful conversation with a Kevin, Cox (Vehicle Dispatch Manager) he was very attentive and polite until he received my $738.36 down payment then he ghosted me. On move day the flip flop wea...

Freda Farquer

Hightail it and look somewhere else for a mover, these folks are all over the place with apologies, save yourself alot of headaches. I wouldn't give them the time of day, they are fabulous at reelin...

Michael Bublitz

I hired these guys - what a disaster. Sales guy, Ken, apparently outright lied to me. Said its better to over estimate the size than underestimate. If you underestimate and they need more, then you...

Courtney Kelly

I asked for a quote online, and received a text from a guy named David. We discussed my move and he asked me if I wanted to accept the quote, and I told him I wasn’t sure of my exact move date, he i...