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Kathy Henton
Interstate move
from Kaneohe, Hawaii to Gresham, Oregon

Devil is in the details!

Be sure to read the fine print on their contacts! I chose to use HMP because they based the move on cubic feet, not weight and I thought it would avoid last-minute surprises of over-weight projections. Service was friendly and they showed up on time, but they did a poor job of packing our belongings. In the stress of the move, I failed to oversee how they packed our larger fragile items such as mirrors, pictures, lamps, etc. Too much was unnecessarily damaged or destroyed. Compensation at 60 cents/pound is laughable but that's what they compensate at. Unfortunately, insurance is expensive and deductibles are high but it is needed if you use these guys. Be sure to get insurance and do not accept their minimal packing standards if shipping is anything but local.

Service cost: $5000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

Interstate move
from Hawaii, Hawaii to LA, California

Moved to California from Hawaii

I had the same horrible experience Benjamin Keip. I asked for a pack and move the night before my move they tired to pul a fast one. They had broken items and destroyed boxes. They made it difficult to file a claim and they ended up sending me a check for less the 3rd of the agreement amount. Don’t waste your money on this company.

Service cost: $80000

Move Size: 4+ Bedroom Home

Melissa Hessemer
Interstate move
from Port Washington, New York to Wailuku, Hawaii


If I could, I would give negative 100. One star is a way to a lot. This organization was lying to us from the start. They told us the wrong day we were going to get our stuff up until the day of delivery. All we spoke to lied about lying do not use them unless you want a heart attack to be put off and without your things for 45 "business days" everyone who said they helped lies. There was nothing for us.

Service cost: $20000

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Mariah Deanna
Interstate move
from Los Angeles, California to Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Best rate!!

Michael is the best service representative in the industry! He answered all my questions in a timely manner, I didn't feel hurried, and he gave me a great offer ($5,000 cheaper than other companies) The process was simple, stress-free, and efficient. All my questions were answered and I had a full order number within 10 minutes.I'm certainly going to suggest Michael to friends/family looking to move. Ask  for Michael to Get the Best Price!!

Service cost: $6500

Move Size: 3 Bedroom Home

Denzel James
Interstate move
from Lake Havasu City, Arizona to Honolulu, Hawaii

Move from AZ to HI

I'm not going to lie that I was a little doubtful only because I was burned in the past by a moving company, but I can say that I had a wonderful time with Hawaii's moving pros, who seem to have a fantastic team there to manage my transfer from start to finish.

Service cost: $10259

Move Size: 4+ Bedroom Home

Benjamin Keip
Interstate move
from Kansas City, Missouri to Princeville, Hawaii

My last move

Don't hire these people. They're not interested in how your stuff is treated. I'm missing a lot of boxes, most have been opened or destroyed. I've got a lot of broken things. They've stressed me out, and I'm disappointed with the end result. My last moving company did it professionally, with nothing lacking or hurt. Unfortunately, they were a local business, otherwise I would have used them.

Service cost: $6500

Move Size: Partial Move

Sarah Jennings
Interstate move
from Los Angeles, California to Honolulu, Hawaii

Best customer service

Michael is awesome!Not only he gave me the best customer experience, but he also offered me the best price, almost $3,000 cheaper than other companies!! I told him how precious my grandfather's clock was to me, and he ensured the movers took the weights out of the clock and wrapped it safely. I'm going to suggest him to my friends and family!

Service cost: $8000

Move Size: 2 Bedroom Home

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